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December 3, 2021

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PT Cargill Indonesia Order to Rame Valve at 03 December 2021 and Rame as a valve supplier.


Cargill started its business in Indonesia in 1974 by opening a feed mill in Bogor, West Java. Today, Cargill is headquartered in Jakarta and has more than 19,000 employees. Although headquartered in Jakarta, we have offices, production plants and facilities spread throughout Indonesia.

Product That We Provides

  • DHC

Based on our vast experiences and continuous research & development. Dae Han Control Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading manufacturers of metal seated valves. Power plant, Cogeneration, Petro-Chemical, Refining, Water and Waste Water Purification, Pulp & Paper, Marine, Steel and other Industrial process applications are some of the vast industries that we supply

Valve Type Pressure Rating Size Body Disc Seat Connection Operation Qty
Gate Valve ANSI 150 14 Inch A216 WCB WCB+13Cr STL RF Handwheel 3
Gate Valve ANSI 150 12 Inch A216 WCB WCB+13Cr STL RF Handwheel 2
Gate Valve ANSI 150 8 Inch A216 WCB WCB+13Cr STL RF Handwheel 8
Gate Valve ANSI 150 4 Inch A216 WCB WCB+13Cr STL RF Handwheel 1
Ball Valve ANSI 150 3 Inch CF8M SS316 RPTFE RF Lever 14

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