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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage industry strongly maintains the quality of the products produced by the factory. of course we really understand the need to achieve that target, and we have many products that are very suitable for this industry. for using in many process production, liquid filling, mixing and control automation.

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Food & Beverage

Segment Ball Valve

Segment ball is quarter turn ball control valve mainly recommended for throttle and shut off service. The segmented ball control valve has several standard option such as temperature extensions, heating jacket, metal sealing trim, soft sealing trim, and can be assembled with a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic actuator

Full-bore product opening. Heavy duty design, long operating life time.
No static pockets and dead zones where product can store, minimal clearances towards rotating parts possible.
Seal access without taking apart the valve, Closable in dynamic product column.

Piston Valve

Piston valves are ideally recommended for critical and hazardous media, including Steam, Heat Transfer Oils, Acids, Gases, and other process and application.

Size Range : 1/2 Inch - 20 Inch
Material : A105N, Carton Steel, Stainless
Pressure Rating : Up to class 2500
Connection : SW and Threaded, Flange

Reducing Valve

Reducing Valve is a device for automatically maintaining a diminished pressure of steam, air, gas in a pipe, or other receiver, which is fed from a boiler or pipe in which the pressure is higher than is desired in the receiver. The valves can be direct acting or pilot operated.

Sizes : 2” to 20” (Dn 50 to 500)
Connection : Threaded or Flange
Material : Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Bronze, Carbon steel


Actuators are a mean by which a valve can be automated so that no human interaction with the valve package is necessary to cycle the valve. Used for the automation of industrial valves, actuators can be found in all kinds of process plant. They are used in waste water treatment plants, power plants, refineries, mining and nuclear processes, food factories, and pipeline for automating process control.

Model : Electric actuator, Pneumatic actuator, Single acting actuator, Double acting actuator
Brand for actuator : Kinetrol, Bettis, Emerson, Bray, Samson, Quadrat, Flowserve

Three Piece Body Ball Valve

Three piece suitable for applications with high-flow capacity and tight shutoff, to ensure reliability and functionality.

Range Size : 1″ - 20″
Body Material : Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Standard : Full & Reduce port
Connection : SW, BW, Thread, Flange
Feature : Fire-safe Design, NACE MR0175, Integral Mounting Pad, Standard Locking Handle


a brand that suits the power plant industry.

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