Rame Valve Family

Do your best at any moment that you have
Always to Dream Big and Work Smart


CEO & Founder

Do more and never give up

Didik Ismail

CTO & CO-Founder

Be A Reliable Person

Bayu W

DigMark & CO-Founder

Today is hard tommorow will be worse, but the day after tommorow will be sunshine

Tri Wahyono

Sales Director

Hope for the Best - Plan for the Worst

Arvin witana

UI Designer

Follow The Path

Aris Rachman

Front End Dev

Just Do It

Lulu Pratiwi

Sales Support

We are the best


Data Analyst

Senyum Sapa Salam Sopan Santun

Faqih Muta'alim

SEO & Advertising

Ikhtiar, Doa, Tawakal ๐Ÿ˜‡

Stefanus Goana

Financial Support

Comprehensive, Efficient and Accurate


HR & Development

Sederhana bukan berarti sengsara

Seren Serlina

Product Manager

Be Excellent to Each Other

Tri Purwadi

Head Purchasing

Menjadi bermanfaat tak perlu menunggu jadi hebat

Andien Atha

Sales Support

Live a life you will remember

Agung Hilal

Product Manager

La Tansaa 'An Tabtasim ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Raines Indah

Account Manager

Hard Work And Stay Humble

Anis Lestari

Corporate Finance


Andy K

Sales Support

Do the best and let god do the rest

Sri Hikmawati

Sales Manager

Belajar dari kegagalan adalah hal yang bijak.

Ponco P

Technical Director

The best solution for your problem

David Purwoko


Together Are Better


Office Suport

Clean a part of faith
Be Positive

Umi Ma'sumah

Sales Support

You are doing great, Pray and trust God.

Yulia Andriani

Sales Manager

"Mulailah dari tempatmu berada. Gunakan yang kau punya lakukan yang kau bisa"


Product Development

"So must go on"

Agus Saryono

Technical Manager

"Build thought, Problem salve"