Our Major Valve Product Line

We offer a wide variety of products from various brands. Our product line include: Gate valves, Check valves, Globe valves, Ball valves, Control valves, Butterfly valves, Safety Valve.

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Gate Valve

Today, we have completely range of product including gate valve, resilient gate valve, cast steel gate valve, bellow seal gate valve, forged steel gate valve, etc.

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Kitz is one of the world’s leading manufactures of Valves and Japan’s larges Major products include carbon steel, stainless steel, gray iron and ductile iron, etc.

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Project Reference

Tes Valve

Overview In the past, conventional Claus Sulfur recovery processes were adequately controlled on the basis of ratio or excess process air.  The development of new and modified sulfur...

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What to Know About Gate Valve

Advantages of Gate Valve Low pressure drop while fully opened Excellent and very stable while fully closed Contamination-free There is no pressure when gate fully closed. Easy to...

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