Fire Protection


Victaulic Fire Protection

Victaulic Firelock Series FL-SR/Dry/SW Sprinklers Dry

Whatever the application or configuration, we provide an array of superior-quality fire sprinklers to accommodate the project at hand.

Quick Response Dry Sprinkler
  • V3609, K5.6 | 8.1 SI
  • V3611, K8.0 | 11.5 SI
Sprinkler Frame Finishes
  • Chrome plated
  • White painted
  • Bright white painted
  • Flat black painted
  • Custom painted
  • VC-250
DeflectorBrass or Stainless Steel
Bulb Nominal Diamter5.0 mm
Outer TubeGalvanized steel pipe
Inner TubeStainless Steel
Orifice InsertStainless Steel