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Mihana Seisakusho Co., Ltd. founded in 1965, Mihana Valve has provided development, design, manufacturing and sales to everyone.

Product Application : Electric Power, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, City Gas, Oil Plants, Food & Beverage
Mihana Valve Product Model :
  • Mihana Full Capacity Safety Valve
  • Mihana Lift Type Safety Valve
  • Mihana Soft Seat Safety Valve
  • Mihana Fine Pressure Safety Valve
  • Mihana Vacuum Break Valve
  • Mihana Blower Vacuum Release Valve
  • Mihana Sanitary Safety Valve
  • Mihana Small Safety Valve
  • Mihana Safety Valve With Jacket
  • Mihana Low Pressure Boiler Valve
  • Mihana Special Product
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