Solenoid Valve

TYPE 4V100

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Airtac Solenoid 4V100 Valve

Airtac Solenoid 4V100 High Perfomance Valve

4V100 series solenoid valve, pneumatic control valve, 5/2 way with high response and stability

  • Pilot-oriented mode:Internal pilot or external pilot.
  • Structure in sliding column mode: good tightness and sensitive reaction.
  • Three position solenoid valves have three kinds of central function for your choice.
Airtac Other Valve Type
FluidAir (to be filtered by 40μm filter element)
Valve Type5 Port 2 Position, 5 Port 3 Position
Operating Pressure0.15~0.8MPa(21~114psi)
Proof Pressure1.2MPa (175psi)
Material Of BodyAluminum Alloy