Gate valves are used when there is a need of a device that allows or interrupts a fluid flow. These valves aren’t designed to regulate the flow or its the high velocity. A valve that is partially open can end up damaging the disc or seats. Under normal operating conditions, it must be used totally open or closed. For their design, this type of valves can be used in any position.

Design features

Non-rotating rod of ascendant type with acme stub thread for fast operation.

Rod-Gate ensemble designed for it to fail outside of the container box in case the gate clogs.

Rod packaging that allows an optimal control of fugitive emissions into the atmosphere. Essential factors such as reduced diametral clearance gap, controlled straightness and fine finish in the rod increase their seal capacity.

Posterior seal surface (Backseat) allows to change the rod package when the valve is completely open, and the interior is pressurized.

Bonnet body united with controlled compression that assures the gasket’s correct seal.

The stellite coating in the seat increases wear resistance caused by abrasion and erosion in the surfaces of the seal during the flow of fluids with solids in suspension.

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