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Nippon Daiya Valve (Ndv) Founded On July 23, 1955. Nippon Daiya Valve has been meeting customer needs for more than 60 years supplying diaphragm, ball and butterfly valves.

Product Application : Mining, Chemical, Parachemical, Water, Food And Beverage, Oil & Gas
Nippon Daiya Product Category :
  • Nippon Daiya Diaphragm Valve
  • Nippon Daiya Gear Operated Valve
  • Nippon Daiya Angle Valve
  • Nippon Daiya Rubber Lined Check Valve
  • Nippon Daiya Ball Valve
  • Nippon Daiya V-Port Valve
  • Nippon Daiya Y-Shaped Valve
  • Nippon Daiya Butterfly Valve
  • Nippon Daiya Sanitary Valve
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