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Spirax Sarco Pressure Reducing

Spirax Sarco Controls Systems

Spirax Sarco Pressure Reducing & Surplussing Valve

Well designed steam systems produce clean dry steam for delivery at high pressure – the best quality steam at the lowest cost. Lower pressure steam is usually needed at the point of use. Effective control demands an automatic valve that can reduce steam pressure accurately.

The Benefits of This Include
  • A reduction in the capital cost of equipment
  • Operating plant costs will decrease by reducing flash steam
  • Saturated steam pressure is directly related to temperature
  • The flexibility to reduce to various lower pressures through the plant to suit each particular application
Sizes Screwed½" to 2"
Sizes FlangedDN15 to DN80
Max Temperature350°C
Max Body Design RatingPN40
Control Pressure Range0.2 to 24 bar

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