Raphael Mechanical Hydrants

Bayard Rethinks The Fire Protection

The Main Purpose Of Hydrants Is The Withdrawal Of Water For Extinguishing Fires. They Are Connected Directly To The Underground Drinking Water Network The Talis Hydrants Are Available In Two Designs, Underground And Stand Post Hydrants

Raphael Fire System Features :
  • Double cut-off with ball on enamelled seat and PUR shut-off cone
  • Safety interlock, stop and anti-rotation grip for the inner fittings
  • Safe water draining through draining valve and draining pipe with dry section
Raphael Fire System Series :
Size Range DN 65-150
Pressure Rating PM 16
Standards EN, DIN, ANSI, NF, BS, UNI, UNE
Material Stainless Steel Components
Upper Part Red Polyester Painting