Pressure Seal Valve

2 to 24 in (50 to 600 mm)

Newco Pressure Seal
Globe Valve

Cast steel pressure-seal globe valve are ideal for unidirectional, controlled flow. The flow characteristics of a globe valve are repeatable, consistent, and easy to control at various open positions, which makes them ideal.

Newco Globe Valve Features :
  • As bolted bonnet valve
  • The major difference is in the bonnet
  • Reducing weight
  • The tighter the seal
Newco Globe Valve Rating :
  • Newco Globe Valve Class 600
  • Newco Globe Valve Class 900
  • Newco Globe Valve Class 1500
  • Newco Globe Valve Class 2500
Size Range2" - 36"
Class600 - 4500
DesignANSI B16.34
MaterialAll Grades
End ConnectionsRaised Face / Ring-Type Joint / Buttweld


Supplier Distributor Newco Valve Pressure Seal Globe Valve