CKD Solenoid Valve for Dedicated Fluids

Direct-Acting 2, 3-Port Solenoid Valve For Compressed Air

Direct acting solenoid valve for compressed air. With an aluminum body, it is lightweight, compact and consumes low power, which contributes to reducing the environmental load of equipment and systems.

CKD Solenoid Model FAB Features
  • Aluminum body adopted to achieve lighter weight, compact design with thin coil.
  • Low-watt coil used.
Product Name
  • FAB : 2-Port Single Unit Valve
  • GFAB : 2-Port Monifold Valve
  • FAG : 3-Port Single Valve
  • GFAG : 3-Port Monifold Valve
Working FluidCompressed air
Max. working pressure0 (≈0 psi, 0 bar) to 1.4 (≈200 psi, 14 bar)
Fluid TemperatureAC: -10 (14°F) to 60 (140°F), DC: -10 (14°F) to 40 (104°F) (no freezing)