CKD Solenoid Valve Model APK

CKD Solenoid Valve for Various Fluids

Pilot Kick 2-Port Solenoid Valve (General Purpose Valve)

Pilot kick 2-port piston drive solenoid valve compatible with a variety of fluids. Can be used from differential pressure 0 and steam specification can be selected.

CKD Solenoid Model APK Features
  • The body and sealant material can be selected to support various fluids.
  • Compatible with various applications by combining a variety of coil options.
  • Pilot kick which actuates even at differential pressure 0.
CKD Solenoid Valve Other Type
Working FluidAir/low vacuum (1.33 x 103 Pa (abs))/water/kerosene/oil (20mm2/s or less)
Max. Working Pressure2 (≈290 psi, 20 bar)
Fluid Temperature-10 (14°F) to 60 (140°F) (*1)