Where we really understand..!!

Power Plant

We have a range of valve products used for power plant industrial including application, fuel station, condensate extraction, feed water and boiler area and other line process and application. And mostly common product using is gate valve, globe and check valves and control valve for steam or fuel line.

Oil & Gas

We are very successful in this industry, where we are very trusted to supply various product valves in several oil & gas companies such as Pertamina, ExxonMobil, Chevron and any more..

Maintaining supply quality products, also providing good and timely services is the key to success in this industry.


We are very experienced in this industry in supplying products needed in critical processes or in the manufacturing process also.
Products that we often supply in this industry are bellow seal gate and globe valve, pressure seal gate and globe valve, plug valve and electric or pneumatic control valve.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage industry strongly maintains the quality of the products produced by the factory. of course we really understand the need to achieve that target, and we have many products that are very suitable for this industry. for using in many process production, liquid filling, mixing and control automation.

Water & Wastewater

Gate valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, strainer. are some of the products that we have and are very suitable for use in application water and wastewater management. With good experience we are very successful in several places in providing services and supplying products in this industry.