Oil & Gas Refinery

Rame Valve has been providing many valve and other equipment to the oil and gas industry. We have constantly supply our valve the most reliable and repairable on the market.

Today, our extensive range of gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, and butterfly valve are installed in a broad range of the oil and gas industry’s toughest applications.
Other product also including needle valve, pneumatic control valve, safety and relief valve available in our stock list.

We are reliable partners in this industry, because we are not only great at the providing product valves, such as trunnion ball valves, floating ball valves, swing check valves, high performance butterfly valves, but we are also able to provide timely delivery, because in this industry, timing and accuracy is very important in providing materials, especially valves which are included in critical equipment.

Of course, we not only have the above items but to always be able to maintain client trust in this industry we are supported by a very great team, high quality product valves such as shutdown valve, forget steel gate valve, steam trap and other products but also manufacture valve which continues to support us well and continuously.

Steam Generation & Distribution

Steam Generation

Today we have completely range of product for steam generation process, including feed water control valve, steam trap, blowdown valve. and other product related and most common for using in these plant like bellow seal globe valve.

Especially superheated steam normally they used some valve for reducing pressure and temperature for they process needed, like desuperheater valve and pressure reducing desuperheater station.

The distribution system consists of valves, fittings, piping, and connections suitable for the pressure of the steam transported. Because Steam distribution system has important relationship between steam generator and steam users, in case most important for maintenance steam properly and for this some product needed install in the line process like pressure reducing valve, steam trap and for saturation steam most important install ball float steam trap, thermodynamic steam trap or other model steam trap.

For many year we have experience in this application not just supply product valve, but we can do also installation and commissioning if requered for some product valve like pressure control valve, shutdown valve, on off valve or shut off valve.

Process Control & Automation

Process control is a combination of control engineering and with some product in the to achieve a target operation and production, which could not be achieved by human manual control. It is implemented widely in industries such as oil refining, pulp and paper, and power plant. There is a wide range of product like pneumatic control valve, electric control valve, three way valve, on off valve and shutdown valve this is typical product which use for control in the process plant.

Normally the valve can be operated manually, both by the handle, the pedal lever and others. like seal gate valve bellows and wafer butterfly valve.

Besides that it can also be operated automatically by using the principle of changing the flow of pressure, temperature etc.

These changes can affect the diaphragm, spring or piston, which in turn activates the valve automatically including the hydraulic power, pneumatic actuator and electric actuator.

An automatic control system is a control system where the subject is replaced by a device called a controller. Where the task of opening and closing the valve, the control valve or plug valve is no longer done by the operator, but trigger by the controller.

Industrial Process Plant

Industrial process is where we are very successful, like in the industrial food & beverage, petrochemical, power plant, oil & gas, mineral, water & wastewater, refineries and any more industry.

In this general industry there are many products that we can offer, butterfly valve, blowdown valve, safety valve, cast steel globe valve and cast steel gate valve, wafer check valve, three way globe control valve and other product Rame Valve has been successfully supply.

Manual or automatic valve, is very important in a factory to maintain the stability of the process. Valve is in charge of regulating the flow of fluids, such as steam, water and gas which are required for the process.

Some valves are also designed to release excess pressure, usually called safety valves or pressure relief valves to maintain the safety of the appliance or operator. There is also a valve that is operated automatically such as pressure reducing valve, ball valve, globe valve and gate valve.

The completeness of our product valve includes both of these valves namely the manual valve and control valve that can be operated automatically, we also have storage products that are commonly used in general industries such as stainer, ball float steam trap, positioner.

Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Each valve has its own character and there are many types to be used in the chemical industry in general, one of which is the bellow seal gate valve, bellow seal globe valve, forged steel gate valve and forged steel globe valve where the valve is very suitable for high temperature applications and high pressure, this valve is able to work well on this application or industry even though the corrosive level is very high but the valve can still work for a long time.

We can offer a complete line for almost all of these plants, our product including globe, gate, ball, and butterfly valve.
The petrochemical industry makes use of extreme temperature and pressure to produce different materials, an condition that requires quality valve. Essential to the operations of petrochemical plants are the valves that control material fluids very corrosive.

Incase Rame Valve has a wide range off split body ball valve, rising gate valve, angle globe valve and disc check valve which are supplied to the petrochemical market. Also pressure seal gate valve and pressure seal globe valve and any more valve model in our program. Most common use of body valve material for industrial petrochemicals is forget steel, carbon steel and stainless steel, this is very suitable with the product valve that we have and we usually use and supply in many places in this industry.