Piston-type check valves are generally used to protect pumps or similar equipment whilst allowing the passage of flow in only one direction and preventing the return of it due to backpressure.

Piston-type check valves can be used with high viscosity fluids. This type of valve has an arrow in the body’s exterior to indicate the direction in which it must be installed so the flow can be controlled.

Metal-metal seal valves can be not as efficient when the fluid has particles in suspension.

Design features

The body-cover union has an adequate design to apply an even load in the gasket so that it can offer a leak-proof seal.

The spring allows these valves to function in vertical lines.

Completely guided piston to ensure the seal with the valve’s seat.

The seat’s stellite coating increases wear resistance caused by abrasion and erosion in the surfaces of the seal during the flow of fluids with solids in suspension.

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