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Distributor dan Stockist Globe Control Valve

Globe Control Valve

PT. Rame Rekaguna Prakasa is one of the leading distributor and stockist valve in the world.

In power plant globe control valve used for many different conditions like, feed water, by pass steam to turbine, fuel gas. These are being frequently used in many areas to control the flow, temperature, pressure, or level of any liquid.


General Data :

Body Material : A105N, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Pressure Rating : Up to class 2500

Actuating : Electric and Pneumatic actuator

Feature & Benefit : Self acting or roboter, Suitable any positioner and actuator

Available Brand : Pentair Valve, Masoneilan, Flowserve, Hora, Ari armaturen, Samson

Model Options»Ball Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve PKStockist Globe Control Valve Zaes
»Level Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve GFStockist Globe Control Valve Watt
»Globe Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve AZStockist Globe Control Valve Nibco
»Electric Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve KZStockist Globe Control Valve Kurt
»Pressure Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve ABStockist Globe Control Valve Siral
»Two Way Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve VTVStockist Globe Control Valve Sirsi
»Pneumatic Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve MHAStockist Globe Control Valve Eriks
»Modulating Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve SRLStockist Globe Control Valve Vatac
»Temperature Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve ABZStockist Globe Control Valve Velan
Standard»DIN | ANSI | JISStockist Globe Control Valve SKFStockist Globe Control Valve Festo
Size»DN 15 to DN 900Stockist Globe Control Valve SMCStockist Globe Control Valve Xomox
Class»ANSI 150 - 2500Stockist Globe Control Valve SMSStockist Globe Control Valve Balon
Material Body»Cast IronStockist Globe Control Valve KVCStockist Globe Control Valve Argus
»Nodular IronStockist Globe Control Valve KVKStockist Globe Control Valve Fukui
»Cast SteelStockist Globe Control Valve NSVStockist Globe Control Valve Nihon
»Stainless SteelStockist Globe Control Valve WKMStockist Globe Control Valve Azbil
Connection»ThreadStockist Globe Control Valve FIPStockist Globe Control Valve Voith
»FlangeStockist Globe Control Valve GEAStockist Globe Control Valve Talis
»Butt WeldStockist Globe Control Valve MDTStockist Globe Control Valve Orbit
»Socket WeldStockist Globe Control Valve KTMStockist Globe Control Valve Nippo
Actuator Options»ManualStockist Globe Control Valve TLVStockist Globe Control Valve Neles
»ElectricStockist Globe Control Valve TBVStockist Globe Control Valve Watts
»PistonStockist Globe Control Valve STIStockist Globe Control Valve Dembla
»HydraulicStockist Globe Control Valve SWIStockist Globe Control Valve Sauter
»PneumaticStockist Globe Control Valve SSVStockist Globe Control Valve Butek
Positioner»ElectricStockist Globe Control Valve SPXStockist Globe Control Valve Schuf
»Electric to PneumaticStockist Globe Control Valve CMOStockist Globe Control Valve Leser
»Pneumatic to PneumaticStockist Globe Control Valve RTKStockist Globe Control Valve Crane
Accessories»FilterStockist Globe Control Valve BACStockist Globe Control Valve Socla
»Limit SwitchStockist Globe Control Valve CCIStockist Globe Control Valve Ritag
»Junction BoxStockist Globe Control Valve ITTStockist Globe Control Valve Asahi
»Solenoid ValveStockist Globe Control Valve ARIStockist Globe Control Valve Bijur
»Proximity SwitchStockist Globe Control Valve AKOStockist Globe Control Valve Mival
»Stem ExtensionStockist Globe Control Valve KSBStockist Globe Control Valve Newco
»Emergency SystemStockist Globe Control Valve KCLStockist Globe Control Valve Kuhme
Sector»Oil & GasStockist Globe Control Valve GLTStockist Globe Control Valve Pekos
»Steel IndustryStockist Globe Control Valve VAGStockist Globe Control Valve Eaton
»Water DistributionStockist Globe Control Valve FCAStockist Globe Control Valve Durco
»Water Pump StationStockist Globe Control Valve ABVStockist Globe Control Valve Hydac
»Petrochemical PlantStockist Globe Control Valve AROStockist Globe Control Valve Tomoe
»Thermal Power PlantStockist Globe Control Valve RMGStockist Globe Control Valve K-Lok
Application»Gas Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve DSIStockist Globe Control Valve Matco
»Level Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve HokeStockist Globe Control Valve Perkin
»By Pass Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve GemuStockist Globe Control Valve Praher
»Pressure Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve GefaStockist Globe Control Valve Ningbo
»Temperature Control ValveStockist Globe Control Valve AlcoStockist Globe Control Valve Kerotest
Available Brand»ArcaStockist Globe Control Valve AmotStockist Globe Control Valve Belimo
»HoraStockist Globe Control Valve MoogStockist Globe Control Valve Rotarex
»GemuStockist Globe Control Valve OlabStockist Globe Control Valve Aloyco
»FisherStockist Globe Control Valve AdcaStockist Globe Control Valve Merck
»SamsonStockist Globe Control Valve EbroStockist Globe Control Valve Heiwa
»Spirax SarcoStockist Globe Control Valve TycoStockist Globe Control Valve Metso
»Ari ArmaturenStockist Globe Control Valve TorkStockist Globe Control Valve Pfeiffer
»MasoneilanStockist Globe Control Valve WeirStockist Globe Control Valve Aloyco
Jual, Stockist, dan Distributor Rising Stem Gate Valve

Rising Stem Gate Valve

Rising stem gate valve are those valve designs that are operated by pushing or pulling the valve stem, then the valve stem do not rotate. Rising stem gate valves are used when shut off is required and a quick visual indicator of open/closed position is needed.


General Data :

Size Range : Up to DN 500

Pressure Rating : PN16 – PN40

Body Material : Bronze, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel

Connection : Flange standard ANSI | JIS | DIN

Operated : Handwheel, Gear operated or Actuated

Application : Steam, Boiler feedwater, Condensate

Model Option»PVC Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve BrayStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Zaes
»Iron Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve ArcaStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Watt
»Knife Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve HoraStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Nibco
»Bronze Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve GalaStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Kurt
»Sliding Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve AscoStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Siral
»Resilient Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve OmalStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Sirsi
»Cast Steel Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve RegoStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Eriks
»Cryogenic Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve StifStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Vatac
»Bellow Seal Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve RossStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Velan
»Forged Steel Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve MuconStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Festo
»Pressure Seal Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve NewayStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Xomox
»Corrosion Resistant Gate ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve NibcoStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Balon
Size»DN 15 - DN 1200Stockist Rising Stem Gate Valve MerckStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Argus
Design Standard»API | ASME | DIN | ANSI | JISStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve RotexStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Fukui
Class»ANSI 150 - 2500Stockist Rising Stem Gate Valve SiralStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Nihon
»JIS 10K - 30KStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve SirsiStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Azbil
»DIN PN 6 - PN 160Stockist Rising Stem Gate Valve EriksStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Voith
Material Body»Cast IronStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve VatacStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Talis
»Ductile IronStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve VelanStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Orbit
»Carbon SteelStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve FestoStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Nippo
»Stainless SteelStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve XomoxStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Neles
Bonnet Material»Carbon SteelStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve BalonStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Watts
»Stainless SteelStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve ArgusStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Dembla
Operation»ManualStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve FukuiStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Sauter
»GearboxStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve NihonStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Butek
»Electric ActuatorStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve AzbilStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Schuf
»Pneumatic ActuatorStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve HeiwaStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Leser
»Hydraulic ActuatorStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve VoithStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Crane
AccessoriesFiltersStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve TalisStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Socla
Junction BoxStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve OrbitStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Ritag
Solenoid ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve ShowaStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Asahi
Limit SwitchStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve NippoStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Bijur
By-pass ValveStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve NelesStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Mival
Stem ExtensionStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve WattsStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Newco
Proximity SwitchStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve DemblaStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Kuhme
Emergency SystemStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve SauterStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Pekos
Sector»Oil & GasStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve ButekStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Eaton
»Steel IndustryStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve SchufStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Durco
»Water DistributionStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve LindeStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Hydac
»Water Pump StationStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve JaksaStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Tomoe
»Petrochemical PlantStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve LeserStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve K-Lok
»Thermal Power PlantStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve CraneStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Matco
Application»RefineriesStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve SoclaStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Perkin
»Oil PipelineStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve RitagStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Praher
»Corrosive FluidStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve AsahiStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Ningbo
»Water Pump StationStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve BijurStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Kerotest
»Natural Gas PipelineStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve MetsoStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Belimo
Available Brand»VelanStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve MivalStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Rotarex
»SmithStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve NewcoStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Aloyco
»PowellStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve KuhmeStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Merck
»SingerStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve PekosStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Heiwa
»Bonney ForgeStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve EatonStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Metso
»Neles JamesburyStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve DurcoStockist Rising Stem Gate Valve Pfeiffer

Safety Valve

Safety valve is a valve that acts as a fail-safe, and safety valve will protection equipment from over pressure. which automatically releases a substance from a boiler, pressure vessel, or other system, when the pressure or temperature exceeds preset limits.


Bellow covering model safety we have to purpose any application and medium.

Controlled safety valve, Diaphragm safety valve, Proportional safety valve, Low lift safety valve
Full lift safety valve, Standard safety valve, Power actuated safety relief valve, Full bore safety valve
Pilot operated pressure relief valve, Balanced safety relief valve, Conventional safety relief valve

Model Options»Safety ValveStockist Safety Valve KITZStockist Safety Valve CONTINENTAL
»Relief ValveStockist Safety Valve ZETKAMAStockist Safety Valve COPES-VULCAN
»Air Release ValveStockist Safety Valve ARCAStockist Safety Valve ARMATUREN
Design Standard»API / ASMEStockist Safety Valve HORAStockist Safety Valve BAC
Size»DN50/2” to DN900/36”Stockist Safety Valve CRANEStockist Safety Valve BALLUFF
Class»ANSI 150 - 2500Stockist Safety Valve GALAStockist Safety Valve BETTIS
Manterial Body»Cast IronStockist Safety Valve GLTStockist Safety Valve BIJUR
»Nodular IronStockist Safety Valve SOCLAStockist Safety Valve CMO
»Cast SteelStockist Safety Valve VAGStockist Safety Valve CONAIR
»Stainless SteelStockist Safety Valve FCAStockist Safety Valve DANFOSS
Connection»ThreadStockist Safety Valve RITAGStockist Safety Valve DELTROL
»FlangeStockist Safety Valve MULLERStockist Safety Valve DEZURIK
»Butt WeldStockist Safety Valve AALBORGStockist Safety Valve DROPSA
Setting Pressure»On RequestStockist Safety Valve ABStockist Safety Valve DWYER
Operation»ManualStockist Safety Valve ABBStockist Safety Valve EATON
»LeverStockist Safety Valve ABNOXStockist Safety Valve EBRO
Sector»Oil & GasStockist Safety Valve ABVStockist Safety Valve ECLIPSE
»Steel IndustryStockist Safety Valve AIGNEPStockist Safety Valve ELOMATIC
»Water DistributionStockist Safety Valve AIRTACStockist Safety Valve ELSTER
»Water Pump StationsStockist Safety Valve AIRWORKStockist Safety Valve EMERSON
»Petrochemical PlantsStockist Safety Valve ALCOStockist Safety Valve END-ARMATUREN
»Thermal Power PlantStockist Safety Valve ALFA LAVALStockist Safety Valve ENERPAC
Application»RefineriesStockist Safety Valve AMISCOStockist Safety Valve FARRIS
»Oil PipelinesStockist Safety Valve AMOTStockist Safety Valve FEMA
»Corrosive fluidsStockist Safety Valve ARI-ARMATURENStockist Safety Valve FESTO
»Water pump stationsStockist Safety Valve ARMSTRONGStockist Safety Valve FINETEK
»Natural Gas PipelinesStockist Safety Valve AROStockist Safety Valve FIP
Available Brand»VYCStockist Safety Valve INGERSOLLStockist Safety Valve FISCHER
»LeserStockist Safety Valve ASAHIStockist Safety Valve FISHER
»GestraStockist Safety Valve ASCOStockist Safety Valve FLOMATIC
»RichterStockist Safety Valve AVENTICSStockist Safety Valve FLOWSERVE
»ZetkamaStockist Safety Valve AZ ARMATURENStockist Safety Valve GARLOCK
»Spirax SarcoStockist Safety Valve BADGER METERStockist Safety Valve GEA
»Ari ArmaturenStockist Safety Valve BELGICASTStockist Safety Valve GEFA
»Bopp & ReutherStockist Safety Valve BELIMOStockist Safety Valve GEMELS

Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm valves are used on shut-off and throttling service for liquids, slurries.  The operating parts of the diaphragm valve are isolated from the flow. This makes this valve suitable for viscous flows and also hazardous, abrasive and corrosive flows.  Diaphragm valves are available in a wide variety of metals, solid plastics, rubber and glass lining.


Size range : Up to 20 Inch
Pressure | Temperature : Up to 200 psi | 170 C
Connection : Butt-weld, Flange, Screwed, Socket Weld
Diaphragm material : NBR, EPDM, Neoprene, PTFE

Model Option»Two way diaphragm valve Stockist Diaphragm Valve Jorc  Stockist Diaphragm Valve GLT
»Motorized diaphragm valve Stockist Diaphragm Valve Balon  Stockist Diaphragm Valve VAG
»Manual operated diaphragm valve Stockist Diaphragm Valve Neles  Stockist Diaphragm Valve FCA
»Pneumatic operated diaphragm valve Stockist Diaphragm Valve Orbit  Stockist Diaphragm Valve Safi
Standard»DIN | ANSI | JIS Stockist Diaphragm Valve Gefa  Stockist Diaphragm Valve Tork
Size»DN 15 to DN 900 Stockist Diaphragm Valve Gemu  Stockist Diaphragm Valve Stif
Class»ANSI 150 | PN 16 | JIS10K Stockist Diaphragm Valve Velan  Stockist Diaphragm Valve ABV
Material Body»Cast Iron Stockist Diaphragm Valve Argus  Stockist Diaphragm Valve PK
»Nodular Iron Stockist Diaphragm Valve Azbil  Stockist Diaphragm Valve MDT
»Cast Steel Stockist Diaphragm Valve Jaksa  Stockist Diaphragm Valve KTM
»Stainless Steel Stockist Diaphragm Valve Talis  Stockist Diaphragm Valve KVC
Connection»Thread Stockist Diaphragm Valve Fukui  Stockist Diaphragm Valve CCI
»Flange Stockist Diaphragm Valve Ishida  Stockist Diaphragm Valve ITT
»Butt Weld Stockist Diaphragm Valve Keihin  Stockist Diaphragm Valve TBV
Actuator Options»Manual Stockist Diaphragm Valve Kyoei  Stockist Diaphragm Valve VTV
»Electric Stockist Diaphragm Valve Mival  Stockist Diaphragm Valve SWI
»Motorized Stockist Diaphragm Valve Showa  Stockist Diaphragm Valve BAC
»Pneumatic Stockist Diaphragm Valve Abnox  Stockist Diaphragm Valve CMO
Sector»Oil & Gas Stockist Diaphragm Valve Aignep  Stockist Diaphragm Valve FIP
»Steel Industry Stockist Diaphragm Valve Rotork  Stockist Diaphragm Valve GEA
»Water Distribution Stockist Diaphragm Valve Stauff  Stockist Diaphragm Valve GF
»Water Pump Station Stockist Diaphragm Valve Nibco  Stockist Diaphragm Valve KCL
»Petrochemical Plant Stockist Diaphragm Valve Moog  Stockist Diaphragm Valve KSB
»Thermal Power Plant Stockist Diaphragm Valve Soldo  Stockist Diaphragm Valve RTK
Available Brand»NDV Stockist Diaphragm Valve Persta  Stockist Diaphragm Valve SPX
»ITT Stockist Diaphragm Valve Titan  Stockist Diaphragm Valve STI
»Gemu Stockist Diaphragm Valve Sauter  Stockist Diaphragm Valve TLV
»Asahi Stockist Diaphragm Valve Schuf  Stockist Diaphragm Valve RMG
»Eriks Stockist Diaphragm Valve Watt  Stockist Diaphragm Valve SKF
»Burkert Stockist Diaphragm Valve Merck  Stockist Diaphragm Valve SMC
»Crane Stockist Diaphragm Valve Rotex  Stockist Diaphragm Valve SMS
»Saunders Stockist Diaphragm Valve Aloyco  Stockist Diaphragm Valve AKO
Blowdown Valve

Blowdown Valve

Blowdown valve use for removal of water from a boiler. Its purpose is to control boiler water parameters within prescribed limits to minimize scale, corrosion, carryover, and other specific problems.
There are two principal types of blowdown, they are intermittent and continuous blowdown valve.


Material : Forged steel, Carbon steel
Pressure : Up to Class 2500
Size Range : Up to 6″ | DN 150
End Connection : Butt weld, Socket weld, Flange
Actuator : Lever, Electrical & Pneumatic Actuator

Model Option»Bottom Blowdown Valve Stockist Blowdown Valve Tyco  Stockist Blowdown Valve Bako
»Timmer Blowdown Valve Stockist Blowdown Valve Weir  Stockist Blowdown Valve Adca
»Automatic Blowdown Valve Stockist Blowdown Valve Vogt  Stockist Blowdown Valve Rego
»Continuous Blowdown Valve Stockist Blowdown Valve Orbinox  Stockist Blowdown Valve Flowseal
Size»DN 20 - DN 50 Stockist Blowdown Valve Pennant  Stockist Blowdown Valve Mccanna
Class»JIS 10K - 30K Stockist Blowdown Valve Varimex  Stockist Blowdown Valve Walworth
»ANSI 150 - 2500 Stockist Blowdown Valve Western  Stockist Blowdown Valve Swagelok
»DIN PN 6 - PN 160 Stockist Blowdown Valve Valcom  Stockist Blowdown Valve Armaturen
Material Body»Cast Iron Stockist Blowdown Valve Valtorc  Stockist Blowdown Valve Armstrong
»Carbon Steel Stockist Blowdown Valve Carraro  Stockist Blowdown Valve Jamesbury
»Stainless Steel Stockist Blowdown Valve Ingersoll  Stockist Blowdown Valve Flowserve
Bonnet material»Carbon Steel Stockist Blowdown Valve Aventics  Stockist Blowdown Valve Magnatrol
»Stainless Steel Stockist Blowdown Valve Belgicast  Stockist Blowdown Valve Maximator
Operation»Manual Stockist Blowdown Valve Conoflow  Stockist Blowdown Valve Meca Inox
»Electric Actuator Stockist Blowdown Valve Clamptek  Stockist Blowdown Valve Trelleborg
»Hydraulic Actuator Stockist Blowdown Valve Conbraco  Stockist Blowdown Valve Yokogawa
»Pneumatic Actuator Stockist Blowdown Valve Elomatic  Stockist Blowdown Valve Worcester
Connection»Flange Stockist Blowdown Valve Emerson  Stockist Blowdown Valve Conbracco
»Screw Stockist Blowdown Valve Cameron  Stockist Blowdown Valve Penberthy
»Threaded Stockist Blowdown Valve Kingston  Stockist Blowdown Valve Milwaukee
Sector»Oil & Gas Stockist Blowdown Valve Hancock  Stockist Blowdown Valve Continental
»Steel Industry Stockist Blowdown Valve Tufline  Stockist Blowdown Valve Kf Industries
»Water Distribution Stockist Blowdown Valve Fivalco  Stockist Blowdown Valve Guichon
»Water Pump Station Stockist Blowdown Valve Dresser  Stockist Blowdown Valve Victaulic
»Petrochemical Plant Stockist Blowdown Valve Dembla  Stockist Blowdown Valve Hamilton
»Thermal Power Plant Stockist Blowdown Valve Gestra  Stockist Blowdown Valve Yamatake
Application»Refineries Stockist Blowdown Valve Pfeiffer  Stockist Blowdown Valve Hydraforce
»Oil Pipeline Stockist Blowdown Valve Zimmer  Stockist Blowdown Valve Humphrey
»Corrosive Fluid Stockist Blowdown Valve Garlock  Stockist Blowdown Valve Quadrant
»Water Pump Station Stockist Blowdown Valve Gemels  Stockist Blowdown Valve Saunders
»Natural Gas Pipeline Stockist Blowdown Valve Zeppelin  Stockist Blowdown Valve Kitamura
Available Brand»Adca Stockist Blowdown Valve Balluff  Stockist Blowdown Valve Miyawaki
»Gestra Stockist Blowdown Valve Conair  Stockist Blowdown Valve Nakamura
»Armstrong Stockist Blowdown Valve Danfoss  Stockist Blowdown Valve Shoritsu
»Arimaturen Stockist Blowdown Valve Deltrol  Stockist Blowdown Valve Yoshitake
»Spirax Sarco Stockist Blowdown Valve Dezurik  Stockist Blowdown Valve Foxboro
Jual Wafer Butterfly Valve

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Double eccentric butterfly valve are generally used in applications similar to gate valve, where a metal seat is required, and tight shutoff and/or quarter turn actuation. The Double eccentric butterfly valves,

or high performance butterfly valve, double offset butterfly valves or fail-safe butterfly valves, are characterize by their long service time, low maintenance and reduced friction and normally this valve use for higher or size line in the water industries.


Bellow similar product with double eccentric butterfly valve and suitable for any process and application.

High Performance Butterfly Valve, Lug Butterfly Valve, Wafer Butterfly Valve, Plastic Butterfly Valve

Metal Seat Butterfly Valve, Triple – Offset Butterfly Valve, Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

Option Type»Lug Butterfly ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve GLTStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Bako
»Wafer Butterfly ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve VAGStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Adca
»Plastic Butterfly ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve FCAStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Rego
»Metal Seat Butterfly ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve SafiStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Flowseal
»Triple Offset Butterfly ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve TorkStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Mccanna
»Resilient Seated Butterfly ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve StifStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Walworth
»Double Eccentric Butterfly ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ABVStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Swagelok
»High Performance Butterfly ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve PKStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Armaturen
Size»UP TO DN 2200 / 88 InchStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve MDTStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Armstrong
Standard»ANSI | DIN | JISStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve KTMStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Jamesbury
Class»JIS 10K - 20KStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve KVCStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Flowserve
»ANSI 150 - 300Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve CCIStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Magnatrol
»DIN PN 6 - PN 40Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ITTStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Maximator
Body Material»PVCStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve TBVStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Meca Inox
»Cast IronStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve VTVStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Trelleborg
»Carbon SteelStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve SWIStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Yokogawa
»Stainless SteelStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve BACStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Worcester
Lined»PFAStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve CMOStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Conbracco
»EPDMStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve FIPStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Penberthy
»PTFEStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve GEAStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Milwaukee
Stem»AISI 410Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve GFStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Continental
»SS 304Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve KCLStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Kf Industries
»SS 316Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve KSBStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Guichon
Disc»CF8MStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve RTKStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Victaulic
»CF3MStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve SPXStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Hamilton
Seat»NBRStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve STIStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Yamatake
»VMQStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve TLVStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Hydraforce
»FKMStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve RMGStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Humphrey
O-ring»EPRStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve SKFStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Quadrant
»VitonStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve SMCStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Saunders
»PTFEStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve SMSStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Kitamura
»NitrileStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve AKOStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Miyawaki
»SiliconeStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ARIStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Nakamura
»NeopremeStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve MHAStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Shoritsu
Bearing»Stainless SteelStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ABZStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Yoshitake
Stem Bearing»Multi Layered BearingStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve KitzStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Foxboro
Plug»ZincStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ArcaStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Kennedy
End Connection»LugStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve HoraStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Econosto
»WaferStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve BijurStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Kirloskar
»FlangeStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve GalaStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Interapp
Operation»LeverStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve SoclaStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Keckley
»Worm GearStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve RitagStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Zetkama
»Electric ActuatorStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ToyoStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Aalborg
»Hydraulic ActuatorStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve YoneStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Airwork
»Pneumatic ActuatorStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve AlcoStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Flomatic
Accessories»CameronStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve AmotStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Keystone
»Limit SwitchStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve KurtStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Waircom
»Junction BoxStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve AscoStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Seetru
»Solenoid ValveStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve EbroStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Westlock
»Stem ExtensionStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve SirsiStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Flowrox
»Emergency SystemStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve BrayStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Numatics
Application»RefineriesStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve OmalStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Centerline
»Oil PipelineStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve AsahiStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Masoneilan
»DesalinationStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve AirtacStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Young Tech
»Corrosive FluidStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve CraneStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Kieselmann
»District CoolingStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve PekosStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Spirax Sarco
»Water TreatmentStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ElsterStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Copes Vulcan
»Water Pump StationStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ClavalStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Consolidated
»Natural Gas PipelineStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve BettisStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Bonney Forge
Available Brand»VAGStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve EatonStockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Kromschroder
»AVK Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Jorc Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Tyco
»Velan Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Balon Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Weir
»Keystone Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Neles Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Vogt
»Cameron Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Orbit Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Orbinox
»Emerson Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Gefa Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Pennant
»Flowseal Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Gemu Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Varimex
»Centerline Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Velan Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Western
»Neles Jamesbury Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Argus Stockist Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Valcom
Jual, Stockist, dan Distributor Ball Float Steam Trap

Steam Trap

Steam traps are a type of automatic valve that filters out condensate and non-condensable gases such as air without letting steam escape.

Steam traps can be used anywhere there is a steam system and a need to discharge condensate.

Most common using in main line steam distribution, heating plant, boiler and production process.


General Specification :

Size Range : PN16 – PN100 | 150 – 2500
Body Material : Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Connection : NTP, Thread, Socket weld ,Flange
Application : Saturated & Superheated steam line, Steam tracer

Type Option»Bimetalic Steam Trap Stockist Steam Trap Jorc Stockist Steam Trap Tyco Stockist Steam Trap Durco
»Ball Float Steam Trap Stockist Steam Trap Balon Stockist Steam Trap Weir Stockist Steam Trap Valtek
»Thermostatic Steam Trap Stockist Steam Trap Neles Stockist Steam Trap Vogt Stockist Steam Trap Viking
»Thermodynamic Steam Trap Stockist Steam Trap Orbit Stockist Steam Trap Orbinox Stockist Steam Trap Vatac
»Inverted Bucket Steam Trap Stockist Steam Trap Gefa Stockist Steam Trap Pennant Stockist Steam Trap Belimo
»Balanced Pressure Steam Trap Stockist Steam Trap Gemu Stockist Steam Trap Varimex Stockist Steam Trap Muller
Size»DN8/ 1/4” to DN100 / 4” Stockist Steam Trap Velan Stockist Steam Trap Western Stockist Steam Trap Heiwa
Material»Ductile Iron Stockist Steam Trap Argus Stockist Steam Trap Valcom Stockist Steam Trap Tecofi
»Carbon Steel Stockist Steam Trap Azbil Stockist Steam Trap Valtorc Stockist Steam Trap Tomoe
»Stainless Steel Stockist Steam Trap Jaksa Stockist Steam Trap Carraro Stockist Steam Trap Watts
Connection»Thread Stockist Steam Trap Talis Stockist Steam Trap Ingersoll Stockist Steam Trap Xomox
»Flange Stockist Steam Trap Fukui Stockist Steam Trap Aventics Stockist Steam Trap Dopag
»Butt Weld Stockist Steam Trap Ishida Stockist Steam Trap Belgicast Stockist Steam Trap Herzog
»Socket Weld Stockist Steam Trap Keihin Stockist Steam Trap Conoflow Stockist Steam Trap Ladish
»Screw On Flange Stockist Steam Trap Kyoei Stockist Steam Trap Clamptek Stockist Steam Trap Pacific
Class»JIS 10K - 30K Stockist Steam Trap Mival Stockist Steam Trap Conbraco Stockist Steam Trap Apollo
»ANSI 150 - 2500 Stockist Steam Trap Showa Stockist Steam Trap Elomatic Stockist Steam Trap Powell
»DIN PN 6 - PN 160 Stockist Steam Trap Abnox Stockist Steam Trap Emerson Stockist Steam Trap Spears
Sector»Oil & Gas Stockist Steam Trap Aignep Stockist Steam Trap Cameron Stockist Steam Trap Hisaka
»Steel Industry Stockist Steam Trap Rotork Stockist Steam Trap Kingston Stockist Steam Trap Hitachi
»Food and Beverage Stockist Steam Trap Stauff Stockist Steam Trap Hancock Stockist Steam Trap Lincoln
»Petrochemical Plant Stockist Steam Trap Nibco Stockist Steam Trap Tufline Stockist Steam Trap Rolland
»Thermal Power Plant Stockist Steam Trap Moog Stockist Steam Trap Fivalco Stockist Steam Trap Bohmer
Application»Steam Line Stockist Steam Trap Soldo Stockist Steam Trap Dresser Stockist Steam Trap Eclipse
»Steam Drier Stockist Steam Trap Persta Stockist Steam Trap Dembla Stockist Steam Trap Brooks
»Steam Turbine Stockist Steam Trap Titan Stockist Steam Trap Gestra Stockist Steam Trap Burkert
»Steam production Stockist Steam Trap Sauter Stockist Steam Trap Pfeiffer Stockist Steam Trap Dwyer
Available Brand»Adca Stockist Steam Trap Schuf Stockist Steam Trap Zimmer Stockist Steam Trap Buhler
»Gestra Stockist Steam Trap Watt Stockist Steam Trap Garlock Stockist Steam Trap Butech
»Klinger Stockist Steam Trap Merck Stockist Steam Trap Gemels Stockist Steam Trap Weir
»Yositake Stockist Steam Trap Rotex Stockist Steam Trap Zeppelin Stockist Steam Trap Vogt
»Spirax Sarco Stockist Steam Trap Aloyco Stockist Steam Trap Balluff Stockist Steam Trap Orbinox