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Jual Floating Ball Valve Elster

Floating Ball Valve

PT. Rame Rekaguna Prakasa is one of the leading distributor and stockist valve in the world.

Details Specification:
Design : API 6D | API 608
Size : 2″ – 40″
Pressure Class : 150Lb – 2500Lb
End Connection : SW, BW & Flange
Body Material : WCB, A105, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, F304, F316, F304L F316L LCB LF2 F51.
Ball Material : Stainless Steel, ENP, Tungsten Carbide Coat
Actuation : Lever, Worm Gear, Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Etc

Model Options»Shutdown ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve NelesHarga Floating Ball Valve Vogt
»Floating Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve OrbitHarga Floating Ball Valve Orbinox
»Trunnion Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve GefaHarga Floating Ball Valve Pennant
»Segment Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve GemuHarga Floating Ball Valve Varimex
»Split Body Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve VelanHarga Floating Ball Valve Western
»Top Entry Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve ArgusHarga Floating Ball Valve Valcom
»One Piece Body Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve AzbilHarga Floating Ball Valve Valtorc
»Two Piece Body Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve JaksaHarga Floating Ball Valve Carraro
»Two Piece Body Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve TalisHarga Floating Ball Valve Ingersoll
»Three Piece Body Ball ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve FukuiHarga Floating Ball Valve Aventics
Design Standard»API | ASMEHarga Floating Ball Valve IshidaHarga Floating Ball Valve Belgicast
Size»DN50/2” to DN900/36”Harga Floating Ball Valve KeihinHarga Floating Ball Valve Conoflow
Class»ANSI 150 - 2500Harga Floating Ball Valve KyoeiHarga Floating Ball Valve Clamptek
»JIS 10K - 30KHarga Floating Ball Valve MivalHarga Floating Ball Valve Conbraco
»DIN PN 6 - PN 160Harga Floating Ball Valve ShowaHarga Floating Ball Valve Elomatic
Material Body»Cast IronHarga Floating Ball Valve AbnoxHarga Floating Ball Valve Emerson
»Ductile IronHarga Floating Ball Valve AignepHarga Floating Ball Valve Cameron
»Carbon SteelHarga Floating Ball Valve RotorkHarga Floating Ball Valve Kingston
»Stainless SteelHarga Floating Ball Valve StauffHarga Floating Ball Valve Hancock
»Super DuplexHarga Floating Ball Valve NibcoHarga Floating Ball Valve Tufline
Material Ball»A182 F51Harga Floating Ball Valve MoogHarga Floating Ball Valve Fivalco
»A182 F316Harga Floating Ball Valve SoldoHarga Floating Ball Valve Dresser
»A182 F304Harga Floating Ball Valve PerstaHarga Floating Ball Valve Dembla
»ASTM A105+ENPHarga Floating Ball Valve TitanHarga Floating Ball Valve Gestra
Seat»PEEKHarga Floating Ball Valve SauterHarga Floating Ball Valve Pfeiffer
»PTFEHarga Floating Ball Valve SchufHarga Floating Ball Valve Zimmer
»RPTFEHarga Floating Ball Valve WattHarga Floating Ball Valve Garlock
»NYLONHarga Floating Ball Valve MerckHarga Floating Ball Valve Gemels
»VITONHarga Floating Ball Valve RotexHarga Floating Ball Valve Zeppelin
»MOLONHarga Floating Ball Valve AloycoHarga Floating Ball Valve Balluff
»DEVLONHarga Floating Ball Valve DurcoHarga Floating Ball Valve Conair
»METAL-METALHarga Floating Ball Valve ValtekHarga Floating Ball Valve Danfoss
Connection»ThreadHarga Floating Ball Valve VikingHarga Floating Ball Valve Deltrol
»FlangeHarga Floating Ball Valve VatacHarga Floating Ball Valve Dezurik
»Butt WeldHarga Floating Ball Valve BelimoHarga Floating Ball Valve Horiba
»Socked WeldHarga Floating Ball Valve MullerHarga Floating Ball Valve Herose
Operation»ManualHarga Floating Ball Valve HeiwaHarga Floating Ball Valve Amisco
»GearboxHarga Floating Ball Valve TecofiHarga Floating Ball Valve Jordan
»Electric ActuatorHarga Floating Ball Valve TomoeHarga Floating Ball Valve Fujikin
»Pneumatic ActuatorHarga Floating Ball Valve WattsHarga Floating Ball Valve Hydac
»Hydraulic ActuatorHarga Floating Ball Valve XomoxHarga Floating Ball Valve Leser
Sector»Oil & GasHarga Floating Ball Valve DopagHarga Floating Ball Valve Metso
»Steel IndustryHarga Floating Ball Valve HerzogHarga Floating Ball Valve Shimizu
»Water DistributionHarga Floating Ball Valve LadishHarga Floating Ball Valve Mucon
»Water Pump StationHarga Floating Ball Valve PacificHarga Floating Ball Valve Neway
»Petrochemical PlantHarga Floating Ball Valve ApolloHarga Floating Ball Valve Ningbo
»Thermal Power PlantHarga Floating Ball Valve PowellHarga Floating Ball Valve Nippon
Application»RefineriesHarga Floating Ball Valve SpearsHarga Floating Ball Valve Noshok
»Oil PipelinesHarga Floating Ball Valve HisakaHarga Floating Ball Valve Parker
»Corrosive FluidsHarga Floating Ball Valve HitachiHarga Floating Ball Valve Pentair
»Water Pump StationHarga Floating Ball Valve LincolnHarga Floating Ball Valve Praher
»Natural Gas PipelineHarga Floating Ball Valve RollandHarga Floating Ball Valve Rotarex
Accessories & Option»FiltersHarga Floating Ball Valve BohmerHarga Floating Ball Valve Rotolok
»InyectorsHarga Floating Ball Valve EclipseHarga Floating Ball Valve Starline
»Junction BoxHarga Floating Ball Valve BrooksHarga Floating Ball Valve Enerpac
»Limit SwitchesHarga Floating Ball Valve BurkertHarga Floating Ball Valve Prevent
»Solenoid ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve DwyerHarga Floating Ball Valve Prisma
»Locking DeviceHarga Floating Ball Valve BuhlerHarga Floating Ball Valve Singer
»Stem ExtensionHarga Floating Ball Valve ButechHarga Floating Ball Valve Samson
»Proximity SwitchHarga Floating Ball Valve GLTHarga Floating Ball Valve Bako
»Emergency SystemHarga Floating Ball Valve VAGHarga Floating Ball Valve Adca
»Drain & Vent ValveHarga Floating Ball Valve FCAHarga Floating Ball Valve Rego
»Full Bore or Reduced BoreHarga Floating Ball Valve SafiHarga Floating Ball Valve Flowseal
Available Brand»TBVHarga Floating Ball Valve TorkHarga Floating Ball Valve Mccanna
»GWCHarga Floating Ball Valve StifHarga Floating Ball Valve Walworth
»VelanHarga Floating Ball Valve ABVHarga Floating Ball Valve Swagelok
»ApolloHarga Floating Ball Valve PKHarga Floating Ball Valve Armaturen
»QuadratHarga Floating Ball Valve MDTHarga Floating Ball Valve Armstrong
»HaitimaHarga Floating Ball Valve KTMHarga Floating Ball Valve Jamesbury
»McCannaHarga Floating Ball Valve KVCHarga Floating Ball Valve Flowserve
»WorcesterHarga Floating Ball Valve CCIHarga Floating Ball Valve Magnatrol
Swing Check Valve

Swing Check Valve

There are various swing check valve with or without spring. Depending on their construction materials, they can respond to all kinds of applications water, gas, industrial fluids, etc. Swing check valves can be installed in horizontal or vertical.


General Specification :
Size : Up to 40 Inch
Pressure Rating : 150 – 2500 | 10K – 30K | PN16 – PN160
Body Material : Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon & Stainless Steel
End Connection : Wafer, Thread, Socked Weld, Flange

Model Options»Lift Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve GLTHarga Swing Check Valve Bako
»Ball Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve VAGHarga Swing Check Valve Adca
»Disc Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve FCAHarga Swing Check Valve Rego
»Axial Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve SafiHarga Swing Check Valve Flowseal
»Nozzle Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve TorkHarga Swing Check Valve Mccanna
»Wafer Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve StifHarga Swing Check Valve Walworth
»Swing Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve ABVHarga Swing Check Valve Swagelok
»Piston Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve PKHarga Swing Check Valve Armaturen
»Dual Plate Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve MDTHarga Swing Check Valve Armstrong
»Non Return Check ValveHarga Swing Check Valve KTMHarga Swing Check Valve Jamesbury
Design Standard»API | ASME | DIN | ANSIHarga Swing Check Valve KVCHarga Swing Check Valve Flowserve
Class»ANSI 150 - 2500Harga Swing Check Valve CCIHarga Swing Check Valve Magnatrol
»JIS 10K - 30KHarga Swing Check Valve ITTHarga Swing Check Valve Maximator
»DIN PN 6 - PN 160Harga Swing Check Valve TBVHarga Swing Check Valve Meca Inox
Size»DN50/2” to DN600/24”Harga Swing Check Valve VTVHarga Swing Check Valve Trelleborg
Material Body»Cast IronHarga Swing Check Valve SWIHarga Swing Check Valve Yokogawa
»Ductile IronHarga Swing Check Valve BACHarga Swing Check Valve Worcester
»Carbon SteelHarga Swing Check Valve CMOHarga Swing Check Valve Conbracco
»Stainless SteelHarga Swing Check Valve FIPHarga Swing Check Valve Penberthy
»Super DuplexHarga Swing Check Valve GEAHarga Swing Check Valve Milwaukee
Material Disc»ASTM 890 Gr4AHarga Swing Check Valve GFHarga Swing Check Valve Continental
»ASTM A216 WCBHarga Swing Check Valve KCLHarga Swing Check Valve Kf Industries
»ASTM A351 CF8MHarga Swing Check Valve KSBHarga Swing Check Valve Guichon
Connection»ThreadHarga Swing Check Valve RTKHarga Swing Check Valve Victaulic
»FlangeHarga Swing Check Valve SPXHarga Swing Check Valve Hamilton
»Butt WeldHarga Swing Check Valve STIHarga Swing Check Valve Yamatake
»Socked WeldHarga Swing Check Valve TLVHarga Swing Check Valve Hydraforce
Sector»Oil & GasHarga Swing Check Valve RMGHarga Swing Check Valve Humphrey
»Steel IndustryHarga Swing Check Valve SKFHarga Swing Check Valve Quadrant
»Water DistributionHarga Swing Check Valve SMCHarga Swing Check Valve Saunders
»Mineral ProcessingHarga Swing Check Valve SMSHarga Swing Check Valve Kitamura
»Water Pump StationHarga Swing Check Valve AKOHarga Swing Check Valve Miyawaki
»Petrochemical PlantHarga Swing Check Valve ARIHarga Swing Check Valve Nakamura
»Thermal Power PlantHarga Swing Check Valve MHAHarga Swing Check Valve Shoritsu
Application»RefineriesHarga Swing Check Valve ABZHarga Swing Check Valve Yoshitake
»Oil PipelineHarga Swing Check Valve KitzHarga Swing Check Valve Foxboro
»Corrosive FluidHarga Swing Check Valve ArcaHarga Swing Check Valve Kennedy
»Natural Gas PipelineHarga Swing Check Valve HoraHarga Swing Check Valve Econosto
»Water Pump StationHarga Swing Check Valve BijurHarga Swing Check Valve Kirloskar
Available Brand»FIPHarga Swing Check Valve GalaHarga Swing Check Valve Interapp
»BrayHarga Swing Check Valve SoclaHarga Swing Check Valve Keckley
»XanikHarga Swing Check Valve RitagHarga Swing Check Valve Zetkama
»GhibsonHarga Swing Check Valve ToyoHarga Swing Check Valve Aalborg
»GoodwinHarga Swing Check Valve YoneHarga Swing Check Valve Airwork
»InterAppHarga Swing Check Valve AlcoHarga Swing Check Valve Flomatic
»VanessaHarga Swing Check Valve AmotHarga Swing Check Valve Keystone
»TechnocheckHarga Swing Check Valve KurtHarga Swing Check Valve Waircom
Jual, Stockist, dan distributor High Performance Butterfly Valve

High Performance Butterfly

High performance butterfly valve are a standard in many industries including heating, ventilating and air conditioning, power generation, oil & gas and other general process and industries.


Detail Specification :
Size | Rating : 2″ – 60″ | 150 – 600
Connection : Lug, Wafer, Butt Weld
Material : Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
Operation : Gearbox, Electric or Pneumatic Actuator


Available Brand :
Flowseal | Velan | Neles Jamesbury | Flowserve | Cameron | Nibco | Keystone

Option Type»Lug Butterfly ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve VogtHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve FCA
»Wafer Butterfly ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve OrbinoxHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Safi
»Plastic Butterfly ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve PennantHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Tork
»Metal Seat Butterfly ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve VarimexHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Stif
»Triple Offset Butterfly ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve WesternHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ABV
»Resilient Seated Butterfly ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ValcomHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve PK
»Double Eccentric Butterfly ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ValtorcHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve MDT
»High Performance Butterfly ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve CarraroHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve KTM
Size»UP TO DN 2200 / 88 InchHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve IngersollHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve KVC
Standard»ANSI | DIN | JISHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve AventicsHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve CCI
Class»JIS 10K - 30KHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve BelgicastHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ITT
»ANSI 150 - 600Harga High Performance Butterfly Valve ConoflowHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve TBV
»DIN PN 6 - PN 40Harga High Performance Butterfly Valve ClamptekHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve VTV
Body Material»PVCHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ConbracoHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve SWI
»Cast IronHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ElomaticHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve BAC
»Carbon SteelHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve EmersonHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve CMO
»Stainless SteelHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve CameronHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve FIP
Lined»PFAHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve KingstonHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve GEA
»EPDMHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve HancockHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve GF
»PTFEHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve TuflineHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve KCL
Stem»AISI 410Harga High Performance Butterfly Valve FivalcoHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve KSB
»SS 304Harga High Performance Butterfly Valve DresserHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve RTK
»SS 316Harga High Performance Butterfly Valve DemblaHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve SPX
Disc»CF8MHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve GestraHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve STI
»CF3MHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve PfeifferHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve TLV
Seat»NBRHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ZimmerHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve RMG
»VMQHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve GarlockHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve SKF
»FKMHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve GemelsHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve SMC
O-ring»EPRHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ZeppelinHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve SMS
»VitonHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve BalluffHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve AKO
»PTFEHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ConairHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ARI
»NitrileHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve DanfossHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve MHA
»SiliconeHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve DeltrolHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ABZ
»NeopremeHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve DezurikHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Kitz
Bearing»Stainless SteelHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve HoribaHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Arca
Stem Bearing»Multi Layered BearingHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve HeroseHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Hora
Plug»ZincHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve AmiscoHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Bijur
End Connection»LugHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve JordanHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Gala
»WaferHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve FujikinHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Socla
»FlangeHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve HydacHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Ritag
Operation»LeverHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve LeserHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Toyo
»Worm GearHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve MetsoHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Yone
»Electric ActuatorHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ShimizuHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Alco
»Hydraulic ActuatorHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve MuconHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Amot
»Pneumatic ActuatorHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve NewayHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Kurt
Accessories»FilterHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve NingboHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Asco
»Limit SwitchHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve NipponHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Ebro
»Junction BoxHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve NoshokHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Siral
»Solenoid ValveHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ParkerHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Sirsi
»Proximity SwitchHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve PentairHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Bray
»Stem ExtensionHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve PraherHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Omal
»Emergency SystemHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve RotarexHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Asahi
Application»RefineriesHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve RotolokHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Airtac
»Oil PipelineHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve StarlineHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Crane
»DesalinationHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve EnerpacHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Pekos
»Corrosive FluidHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve PreventHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Elster
»District CoolingHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve PrismaHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Claval
»Water TreatmentHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve SingerHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Bettis
»Water Pump StationHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve SamsonHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Eaton
»Natural Gas PipelineHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve JorcHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Bako
Available Brand»ABZHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve BalonHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Adca
»MetsoHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve NelesHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Rego
»VelanHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve OrbitHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Flowseal
»CameronHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve GefaHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Mccanna
»EmersonHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve GemuHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Walworth
»FlowsealHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve VelanHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Swagelok
»KeystoneHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve ArgusHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Armaturen
»CenterlineHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve AzbilHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Armstrong
»JamesburyHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve JaksaHarga High Performance Butterfly Valve Jamesbury
Jual Cast Steel Globe Valve

Cast Steel Globe Valve

General Data :
Design | Testing : API 600 | API 598
Pressure Rating : 150 – 2500 | JIS10K – 30K | PN16 – PN160
Body Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and other alloy


Features :
Seal-welded seats, Bosses for taps & bypass, Graphite packing
Ring joint gaskets class 600-2500, Fugitive emission tested, NACE MR-0175
Application : Oil & Refineries, Water, Steam, General Industry and process

Model Selection»Iron Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve NibcoHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Zaes
»Angle Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve MerckHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Kurt
»Bronze Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve RotexHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Bohmer
»Y Pattern Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve SiralHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Elster
»Cast Steel Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve SirsiHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Valcom
»Bellow Seal Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve EriksHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Cooper
»Forged Steel Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve VatacHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Spears
»Pressure Seal Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve VelanHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Powell
»Straight Pattern Globe ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve FestoHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Herion
Design Standard»API | ASME | JIS | DINHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve XomoxHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Fisher
Class»ANSI 150 - 2500Harga Cast Steel Globe Valve BalonHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Gemels
»JIS 10K - 30KHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve ArgusHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Apollo
»DIN PN 6 - PN 160Harga Cast Steel Globe Valve FukuiHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Farris
Material Body»Cast IronHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve NihonHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Vulkan
»Ductile IronHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve AzbilHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Muller
»Cast SteelHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve HeiwaHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Abnox
»Carbon SteelHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve VoithHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Aignep
»Stainless SteelHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve TalisHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Airtac
Disc»ASTM 890 Gr4AHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve OrbitHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Ishida
»ASTM A216 WCBHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve NippoHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Keihin
»ASTM A351 CF8MHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve NelesHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Hisaka
Seat»A182 F6Harga Cast Steel Globe Valve WattsHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Bettis
»A182 F51Harga Cast Steel Globe Valve DemblaHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Praher
»A182 F316Harga Cast Steel Globe Valve SauterHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Parker
Connection»ThreadHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve ButekHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Prisma
»FlangeHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve SchufHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Stauff
»Butt WeldHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve LeserHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Keckley
»Socked WeldHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve CraneHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Ladish
Operation Type»ManualHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve SoclaHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Dwyer
»GearboxHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve RitagHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Horiba
»Electric ActuatorHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve AsahiHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Tufline
»Hydraulic ActuatorHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve BijurHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Valtek
»Pneumatic ActuatorHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve MetsoHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Kunkle
Sectors»Oil & GasHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve MivalHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Herose
»Power PlantHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve NewcoHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Valtorc
»Steel IndustryHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve KuhmeHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Cla-Val
»Water TreatmentHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve PekosHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Lincoln
»Water Pump StationHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve EatonHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Jordan
»Petrochemical PlantHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve DurcoHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Fujikin
»Thermal Power PlantHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve HydacHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Hitachi
Applications»RefineriesHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve HydacHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Hitachi
»Oil PipelinesHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve TomoeHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Pentair
»Corrosive FluidHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve K-LokHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Interapp
»Water Pump StationHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve MatcoHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Zetkama
»Natural Gas PipelineHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve PerkinHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Brooks
Accessories»FiltersHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve PraherHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Buhler
»Junction BoxHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve NingboHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Burkert
»Solenoid ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve KerotestHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Belimo
»Limit SwitchHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve KeystoneHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Sempell
»By-pass ValveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve RotarexHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Siemens
»Stem ExtensionHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve NakamuraHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Starline
»Proximity SwitchHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve WorcesterHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Tecofi
»Emergency SystemHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve ArmstrongHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Jordan
Available Brand»CraneHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve ConbraccoHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Butech
»VelanHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve MagnatrolHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Aloyco
»PentairHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve PfeifferHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Schenck
»EdwardsHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve KitamuraHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Econosto
»ThompsonHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve EmersonHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Carraro
»ArmaturenHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve AalborgHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Victaulic
»FlowserveHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve ValbartHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Rotork
»MasoneilanHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve CameronHarga Cast Steel Globe Valve Hancock

Distributor dan Stockist Globe Control Valve

Pneumatic Control Valve

Detail Specification :

Size Range : Up to 20 Inch | DN 500

Pressure Rating : ANSI 150 – 2500

Body Material : Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Characteristic : Equal percentage or Linear

Positioner : Electric to pneumatic, Pneumatic to pneumatic

Application : Fuel Gas, By pass steam turbine, Reducing station

Industries : Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage and Power Plant

Model Options»Ball Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve NelesHarga Pneumatic Control Valve FCA
»Level Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve OrbitHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Safi
»Globe Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve GefaHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Tork
»Electric Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve GemuHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Stif
»Pressure Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve VelanHarga Pneumatic Control Valve ABV
»Two Way Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve ArgusHarga Pneumatic Control Valve PK
»Pneumatic Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve AzbilHarga Pneumatic Control Valve MDT
»Modulating Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve JaksaHarga Pneumatic Control Valve KTM
»Temperature Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve TalisHarga Pneumatic Control Valve KVC
Standard»DIN | ANSI | JISHarga Pneumatic Control Valve FukuiHarga Pneumatic Control Valve CCI
Size»DN 15 to DN 900Harga Pneumatic Control Valve IshidaHarga Pneumatic Control Valve ITT
Class»ANSI 150 - 2500Harga Pneumatic Control Valve KeihinHarga Pneumatic Control Valve TBV
Material Body»Cast IronHarga Pneumatic Control Valve KyoeiHarga Pneumatic Control Valve VTV
»Nodular IronHarga Pneumatic Control Valve MivalHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SWI
»Cast SteelHarga Pneumatic Control Valve ShowaHarga Pneumatic Control Valve BAC
»Stainless SteelHarga Pneumatic Control Valve AbnoxHarga Pneumatic Control Valve CMO
Connection»ThreadHarga Pneumatic Control Valve AignepHarga Pneumatic Control Valve FIP
»FlangeHarga Pneumatic Control Valve RotorkHarga Pneumatic Control Valve GEA
»Butt WeldHarga Pneumatic Control Valve StauffHarga Pneumatic Control Valve GF
»Socket WeldHarga Pneumatic Control Valve NibcoHarga Pneumatic Control Valve KCL
Actuator Options»ManualHarga Pneumatic Control Valve MoogHarga Pneumatic Control Valve KSB
»ElectricHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SoldoHarga Pneumatic Control Valve RTK
»PistonHarga Pneumatic Control Valve PerstaHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SPX
»HydraulicHarga Pneumatic Control Valve TitanHarga Pneumatic Control Valve STI
»PneumaticHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SauterHarga Pneumatic Control Valve TLV
Positioner»ElectricHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SchufHarga Pneumatic Control Valve RMG
»Electric to PneumaticHarga Pneumatic Control Valve WattHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SKF
»Pneumatic to PneumaticHarga Pneumatic Control Valve MerckHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SMC
Accessories»FilterHarga Pneumatic Control Valve RotexHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SMS
»Limit SwitchHarga Pneumatic Control Valve AloycoHarga Pneumatic Control Valve AKO
»Junction BoxHarga Pneumatic Control Valve DurcoHarga Pneumatic Control Valve ARI
»Solenoid ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve ValtekHarga Pneumatic Control Valve MHA
»Proximity SwitchHarga Pneumatic Control Valve VikingHarga Pneumatic Control Valve ABZ
»Stem ExtensionHarga Pneumatic Control Valve VatacHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Kitz
»Emergency SystemHarga Pneumatic Control Valve BelimoHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Arca
Sector»Oil & GasHarga Pneumatic Control Valve MullerHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Hora
»Steel IndustryHarga Pneumatic Control Valve HeiwaHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Bijur
»Water DistributionHarga Pneumatic Control Valve TecofiHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Gala
»Water Pump StationHarga Pneumatic Control Valve TomoeHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Socla
»Petrochemical PlantHarga Pneumatic Control Valve WattsHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Ritag
»Thermal Power PlantHarga Pneumatic Control Valve XomoxHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Toyo
Application»Gas Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve DopagHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Yone
»Level Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve HerzogHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Alco
»By Pass Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve LadishHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Amot
»Pressure Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve PacificHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Kurt
»Temperature Control ValveHarga Pneumatic Control Valve ApolloHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Asco
Available Brand»ArcaHarga Pneumatic Control Valve PowellHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Ebro
»HoraHarga Pneumatic Control Valve SpearsHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Siral
»GemuHarga Pneumatic Control Valve HisakaHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Sirsi
»FisherHarga Pneumatic Control Valve HitachiHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Bray
»SamsonHarga Pneumatic Control Valve LincolnHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Omal
»Spirax SarcoHarga Pneumatic Control Valve RollandHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Asahi
»Ari ArmaturenHarga Pneumatic Control Valve BohmerHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Airtac
»MasoneilanHarga Pneumatic Control Valve EclipseHarga Pneumatic Control Valve Crane
needle valve

Needle Valve

Needle Valve is a type of valve having a small port and a threaded, needle-shaped plunger. It allows precise regulation of flow, although it is generally only capable of relatively low flow rates. The needle valve generally use for high pressure line and for instrument equipment.


Specifications :

End Connection : NPT / BSPP / BSPT

Max Pressure : 10.000 PSI at 100°C

Material : 316 SS / 316L SS / 304 SS / Carbon steel




Size»DN6/ 1/8” to DN20 / 3/4”Harga Needle Valve GLTHarga Needle Valve Bako
Material Body»BrassHarga Needle Valve VAGHarga Needle Valve Adca
»Stainless SteelHarga Needle Valve FCAHarga Needle Valve Rego
»Alloy SteelHarga Needle Valve SafiHarga Needle Valve Flowseal
Pressure Range»0 – 6000 PsigHarga Needle Valve TorkHarga Needle Valve Mccanna
Temperature Range»0 – 315°CHarga Needle Valve StifHarga Needle Valve Walworth
Connection Type»NPT (male)Harga Needle Valve ABVHarga Needle Valve Swagelok
»NPT (female)Harga Needle Valve PKHarga Needle Valve Armaturen
»BSPT (male)Harga Needle Valve MDTHarga Needle Valve Armstrong
»BSPT (female)Harga Needle Valve KTMHarga Needle Valve Jamesbury
»Socket WeldHarga Needle Valve KVCHarga Needle Valve Flowserve
Sector»Oil & GasHarga Needle Valve CCIHarga Needle Valve Magnatrol
»Steel IndustryHarga Needle Valve ITTHarga Needle Valve Maximator
»Water DistributionHarga Needle Valve TBVHarga Needle Valve Meca Inox
»Water Pump StationsHarga Needle Valve VTVHarga Needle Valve Trelleborg
»Petrochemical PlantsHarga Needle Valve SWIHarga Needle Valve Yokogawa
»Thermal power plantsHarga Needle Valve BACHarga Needle Valve Worcester
Application»Power PlantHarga Needle Valve CMOHarga Needle Valve Conbracco
»Oil PipelinesHarga Needle Valve FIPHarga Needle Valve Penberthy
»Corrosive fluidsHarga Needle Valve GEAHarga Needle Valve Milwaukee
»Water pump stationsHarga Needle Valve GFHarga Needle Valve Continental
»Natural Gas PipelinesHarga Needle Valve KCLHarga Needle Valve Kf Industries
Available Brand»EconHarga Needle Valve KSBHarga Needle Valve Guichon
»OliverHarga Needle Valve RTKHarga Needle Valve Victaulic
»ParkerHarga Needle Valve SPXHarga Needle Valve Hamilton
»KinesisHarga Needle Valve STIHarga Needle Valve Yamatake
»SwagelokHarga Needle Valve TLVHarga Needle Valve Hydraforce

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