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Oil & Gas

We are very successful in this industry, where we are very trusted to supply various product valves in several oil & gas companies such as Pertamina, ExxonMobil, Chevron and any more.. Maintaining supply quality products, also providing good and timely services is the key to success in this industry.

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Oil & Gas

Relief Valve

Relief valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure to protect pressure vessels and other equipment from over pressure. The pressure relief valve will work and respond and feeds the excess flow from the system back to the tank.

Adjustable setting pressure
Suitable low & high pressure
UL/FM Approved, Direct acting pressure control
Positive dependable open, Drip tight closure, Sensitive to small pressure variatio

Two Piece Ball Valve

Two piece ball valve most used in general applications. Suitable for any liquid, water, air, gases and other process.

Port : Full & Reduce Port
Size Range : Up to 10 Inch
Pressure Rating : WOG up to 10000 psi
Connection : Threaded, Socket & Butt weld and Flange
Body Material : Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy steel
Avantages : Simple structure, Easy to operate, Quick open and closing


Positioner valve is a device that adjusts the valve actuator’s position based on a control signal. for valve work correct position by increasing or decreasing the air load pressure on the actuator.

Type : Electric positioner, Pneumatic positioner, Pneumatic to pneumatic
Feature : LCD display, PID control, Feedback signal, Limit switch, Auto calibration
Brand : Masoneilan, Siemen, RTK, Arca, Hora, Samson, Fisher

Solenoid Valve

The valve features a solenoid, which is an electric coil with a movable ferromagnetic core in its centre, for used wherever fluid flow has to be controlled automatically.

Indirect, Direct & Semi direct operated
Easy to operate and Cost effective maintenance.
Quick to open and close, Smaller and lighter than gate valve of same size and rating.

Axial Check Valve

Axial check valve is the preferred solution for critical non-return applications such as the protection of rotating equipment, and the valve design uses no soft parts and is therefore inherently fire-safe.

Pressure Rating : Up to #900
Installation type : Aboveground & Underground
Connection to the pipeline : Flange RF/RTJ, Butt weld
Application : Transmission pipeline & LNG compressor, Cooling water system


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