Kaneko Solenoid valve


Kaneko Solenoid Valve

Kaneko M20 Series Two Way Solenoid Valve

Kaneko’s new M20 Series Two-way Solenoid Valves have been developcd as 3 popular Type for use in The widest range Of applications.

Kaneko Valve Features :
  • Highly airtight packless type
  • Even the general purpose type uses a costly mold coil and maintains high water tightness
  • Free installing position
  • Small power consumption
  • Easy maintenance due to
    simple construction.
Other Kaneko Valve Series :
Fluid water, oil, air, inert gas"
Working pressure Gas 0.05~0.9MPa Liquid0.05~1.6MPa
Differential pressure actuated 0.05MPa or more full-time
Fluid temperature -20℃~60℃
Ambient temperature -20℃~60℃(That the fluid does not freeze but)
Electrical ratings Continuity
The allowable voltage fluctuation rate +10%,-15%

Kaneko Solenoid Valve

Kaneko M00DU Series Three Way Solenoid Valve

M00DU SERIES Using the double latch option, the valve is operated by means 01 a permanent magnet latch circuit that can be controlled by a momentary current pulse 01 fifty milliseconds.

Kaneko Valve Features :
  • Capable of preventing
  • Changesin operation
  • By power failure
  • No loss in electric power
  • Economical and free from anxiety
Other Kaneko Valve Series :
Fluid Clean air
Fluid temperature -20~60℃
Ambient temperature -20~60℃
Duty cycle 100% Continously rated
Electrical Specification See below