Fire Protection


Victaulic Fire Protection

Victaulic Firelock Series FL-SR/Dry Sprinklers Dry

  • V3601, K5.6 | 8.1 SI
  • V3603, K8.0 | 11.5 SI
Pendent and Recessed Pendent
  • V3605, K5.6 | 8.1 SI
  • V3607, K8.0 | 11.5 SI
Victaulic Other Type
Split SpacerStainless Steel
Spring Seal AssemblyPTFE coated Beryllium nickel alloy and stainless steel
Torsion SpringSST wire
Outer TubeGalvanized steel pipe
Escutcheon/Plate1010 - 1018 mild steel and stainless steel