Fire Protection


Victaulic Fire Protection

Victaulic Firelock Series FL-SA/BB Directional Nozzles Attic Sprinklers

Model FL-SA/BB sprinklers are used to protect the entire width of the attic space. The span of the attic is measured along the floor (or ceiling of floor below) of the attic space from the peak to the intersection of the top chord and bottom chord of the roof trusses

Specific Application Attic Sprinklers
  • V8122, K8.0 | 11.5 SI (4:12 to less than 7:12)
  • V8123, K8.0 | 11.5 SI (7:12 to less than 10:12)
  • V8124, K8.0 | 11.5 SI (10:12 to 12:12)
  • Back-to-Back Attic Protection Scheme
Bulb Nominal Diamter3.0 mm
Spring Seal AssemblyPTFE coated Beryllium nickel alloy
Pip CapBrass
Installation WrenchDuctile Iron