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Kyoei Valve Industry Co., Ltd. has supplied customers with a wide range of valves. Over more than 50 years since 1962, the name Kyoei cryogenic valves has become widely known in the cryogenic industry.

Products Category : Cryogenic Valves, LNG Service Valves, Super Cryogenic Valves, Semiconductor Valves, Space Development Valves
Kyoei Products Type  :
  • Kyoei Extended Bonnet Globe Valve
  • Kyoei Lift Check Valve
  • Kyoei F Extended Bonnet Angle Valve
  • Kyoei S Three Way Ball Valve
  • Kyoei US Pressure Regulating Valve
  • Kyoei Extended Bonnet Ball Valve
  • Kyoei SW Ball Valve
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