Our company’s founding dates back to 1943, and this pride has enhanced HINOMOTO’s technology and brand. Since then, our company started as a manufacturer of “ship valves”, and has been manufacturing ship valves here in Hikone for many years, and has earned the trust of the shipbuilding industry.

Business Content : Manufacture of Cast Iron Valves for Ships and Ductile Cast Iron Valves for Ships
Hinomoto Product Category :
  • Hinomoto Globe Valve
  • Hinomoto Angle Valve
  • Hinomoto Non Return Globe Valve
  • Hinomoto Lift Check Angle Valve
  • Hinomoto Swing Check Valve
  • Hinomoto Gate Valve
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Safety Valve
Type 1700


Series FL-QR Sprinklers

A.U.K Muller

Solenoid Valve Series 01.010.126


Solenoid Valve
Type 4V200