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Miyawaki Steam Trap

Miyawaki Thermostatic
Steam Trap

Thermostatic steam traps operate on the temperature difference between steam and condensate. The operation of the steam trap is regulated by a thermostatic element inside
the trap.

Thermostatic Steam Trap Types
  • All traps equipped with integral strainer
  • Can be installed horizontally and vertically
Available Sizes 1/2" - 1"
Available Connections Screwed RC & NPT, Socket weld
Body and Cover Material Carbon Steel, Forged Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Steel
Model Series TB TB1N, TB7N, TB9N, TBU4, TB51, TB52, TBH71, TBH72, TBH81, TBH82
Model Series D DL1, DF1, DV1, DC2R, DX1
Model Series W W

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