Butterfly Valve


Spears PVC Butterfly Valve

Spears Butterfly Valve 

Spears Patented Butterfly Valve Design Departs From Traditional Linear-Seat Type Valve To Eliminate Seat Creep, Reduce Operating Torque And Provide Positive Seal-Off.

  • Special Off-set Disc lifts Quickly from To Reduce Wear and Reduce operating torque
  • Interlocking Body & Seat Prevents
    Wash-Out Or Blow-out
  • Fully Isolated Solid Type 316L
    Stainless Steel Stem
  • Standard Valve Accepts Field-
    Installabe Lug Insert Set option
Spears Other Type
Pressure Rating73°F (23°C), Water
Maximum Service TemperaturePVC = 140°F (60°C)