Position Monitor Valve


Power Genex 

Position Monitor LSB-1000

Robust valve position monitor with a good recognizable beacon, various switches and feedback options. Other Series Valve Position Monitor LSB-3000 and Valve Position Monitor LSB-7000 a good recognizable.

Power Genex Features :
  • Rugged aluminum die-cast housing
  • Weatherproof to IP67 (optionally IP68)
  • Various switches and sensors (available with Honeywell / P&F)
  • NAMUR mounting shaft or fork lever shaft adjustable for a non-NAMUR
Power Genex Options :
  • 2 x SPDT mechanical limit switch
  • 4 x SPDT mechanical limit switch
  • 2 x Hermetically-sealed proximity Sensors
Nominal Pressure 10 bar (150 psi)
Max Temp -40° C / 100° C
Pneumatic Connections PT (RC) 1/4 or NPT 1/4
Body Material Aluminium Die Cast
Weight 0,8 kg