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Engine Room Pumps – Hamworthy Model CA

Fluid Barrier Protection of The Mechanical Seals

Hamworthy Pumps model CA single stage centrifugal pumps for marine application are manufactured in both vertical and horizontal designs and the selected pump speed varies between 600 rpm and 1800 rpm according to head and capacity requirements.

  • Compact axially split casing design with double suction capabilities

Ballast, Fresh/Sea Water Cooling, Sea Water Lift and Oil Transfer

Pump Size & ModelC200 C250 C300, D350 D400 D450 D500
Wear Ring MaterialsB - Bronze, C - Composite Materials - PEEK or similar alternative
Materials Option For ShaftN - Duplex - AISI 329, UNS 31803
Elastomers MaterialsNitrile, Viton
Flange Options And SizesD - DIN PN 16 or 25, J - JIS 16K or 20K, A - ANSI 150lbs or 300lbs