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Supplier FCA Howell Bunger Type

FCA Howell Bunger Type

The VCH Model FCA Fixed Cone Valve

The VCH model hollow jet discharge valve (howell bunger type) are generally used as control and isolation valve on the discharge area at the bottom of dams.

FCA Features
  • High discharge coefficient and large flow rate compared with other control valve
  • Flanges according to customer specifications or international standards.
FCA Applications
  • Energy dissipation
  • Turbine by-pass
  • Flow Control
Design StandardAWWA / DIN
PressurePN10 / PN16
SizesDN250 to DN2000
Sectors- Hydro Power Plants and Dams - Power
MaterialBody     : Carbon Steel + AISI304 or AISI316 Jacket : Carbon Steel + AISI304 or AISI316 Sliders : Bronze
SeatEPDM, Viton
Operation typeElectric Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator
ApplicationsDischarge area at the bottom of dams
Accessories & OptionsEmergency System, Limit Switches, Moving canalizing element, Proximity switches