CKD Solenoid Valve for Dedicated Fluids

Direct Acting 2,3-Port Solenoid Valve For Water ( Special Purpose Valve)

Direct acting solenoid valve for water. Using highly corrosion-resistant material, it is highly durable, lightweight, compact and consumes low power, which contributes to reducing the environmental load of equipment and systems.

Product Name
  • FWB : 2-Port Single Unit Valve
  • FWG : 3-Port Single Unit Valve
  • GFWB : 2-Port Manifold Valve
  • GFWG : 3-Port Manifold Valve
CKD Solenoid Valve Other Type
Working FluidWater (excluding sewage, agricultural water and liquid manure)
Thermal classClass 130 (B)
Fluid TemperatureAC: 1 (33.8°F) to 60 (140°F), DC: 1 (33.8°F) to 40 (104°F) (no freezing)