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Asco Series 225 Direct-
Operated Solenoid Valve

Asco Series 225
Solenoid Valve

The ASCO Series 225 is a line of compact direct-operated miniature solenoid valves designed for packaging applications. The valves do not require a minimum operating pressure, and their operation is not affected by mounting position.

Valve Actuantion Solenoid; Solenoid - Direct Acting
Body Material Brass; Stainless Steel
Media Air, Inert Gas; Water; Light Oil
Pipe / Port Size 1/8 "
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure Vacuum to 10.3 Bar; 10.3-34.5 Bar; Vacuum to 150 PSIG; 150-500 PSIG; More Than 34.5 Bar; More than 500 PSIG
Port Type G ISO228/1-G BSPP
Standards / Regulations IP65; ATEX Zone 2-22; UL; CSA

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