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Rame Gate Valve

2 Inch Gate Valve

Gate Valve Material Design
  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Alloy Steels
  • Forged Steels
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Carbon Steel
  • Gunmetal
Typical Use

Gate valve are mostly used with larger pipe diameters (from 2 Inch to the largest pipelines) since they are less complex to construct than other types of valves in large sizes.

Gate valve are used to shut off the flow of liquids rather than for flow regulation. When fully open, the typical gate valve has no obstruction in the flow path, resulting in very low flow resistance. The size of the open flow path generally varies in a nonlinear manner as the gate is moved.

This means that the flow rate does not change evenly with stem travel. Depending on the construction, a partially open gate can vibrate from the fluid flow.

At high pressures, friction can become a problem. As the gate is pushed against its guiding rail by the pressure of the medium, it becomes harder to operate the valve. Large gate valves are sometimes fitted with a bypass controlled by a smaller valve to be able to reduce the pressure before operating the gate valve itself.

Valve Construction

Common gate valve are actuated by a threaded stem that connects the actuator (e.g. handwheel or motor) to the gate. They are characterised as having either a rising or a nonrising stem, depending on which end of the stem is threaded. Rising stems are fixed to the gate and rise and lower together as the valve is operated, providing a visual indication of valve position. The actuator is attached to a nut that is rotated around the threaded stem to move it. Nonrising stem valves are fixed to, and rotate with, the actuator, and are threaded into the gate. They may have a pointer threaded onto the stem to indicate valve position, since the gate’s motion is concealed inside the valve. Nonrising stems are used where vertical space is limited.

Gate valve has pressure rating from ANSI Class 150, class 300, class 600, class 800, class 1500, class 2500, class 4500

Size Range 2" Gate Valve
Pressure Rating ANSI 150 TO ANSI 4500
Body Material CF8M, CF8, CF3M
End Flanged End, Thread End, Butt-welding End