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August 2, 2019

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Rame Valve delivery date to PT. Mitra Galperti at 02 Agustus 2019 with Project PO No. 0007351 & Inquiry Ref. BN0000075.


PT. Mitra Galperti was established in Jakarta -April 1995 under its former name PT.Mitra Project Fitting & Pipe Utama and started as a sales office of the Project Fitting &Pipe (PFP) Group located in Perth Australia. The PFP Group companies have sales offices throughout ASEAN countries, with major offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. PFP Group which is half owned by OFFICINE NICOLA GALPERTI & FIGLIO SpA a large, recognized and forward looking flange and valve manufacture from Italy, gained a leading position in the area market,  OFFICINE NICOLA GALPERTI & FIGLIO SpA were the main principal of their business.

Product That we Provides

  • Shoritsu

Shoritsu Found in 1962, SHORITSU Forged steel valves are light-weight and durable products designed and manufactured in accordance with API 602 or ASME B16.34 , JPI-7S-57 , JPI-7S-36 & JPI-7S-82 standards. SHORITSU \”compact valves\” cover Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low Alloy Steel, and Special Steel materials. The valves can be used in various industrial fields including petroleum.

Valve Type

QtySizePressureBody Material
Gate Valve5 EA3/4″800#A105
Gate Valve API 6001 EA3/4″800#A105
Gate Valve API 6022 EA3/4″800″A105
  • Velan

Velan is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of industrial steel valves, recognized as a standard-bearer in quality and innovation. The company, founded by the entrepreneur A.K. Velan in 1950, provides valves for the most demanding applications such as power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals and cryogenics services.

Valve Type

QtySizePressureBody Material
Gate Valve API 6001 EA24″150#A216 WCB
Gate Valve API 6001 EA2″300#A216 WCB
  • Walworth

Walworth is the most experienced valve company in all the country. We have great variety of certified and high-quality products that will cover the specific needs of every business. Walworth® is a certified company that has established and maintained a Quality Administration System based in the ISO 9001:2015 requirements and API Q1 9th edition.

Valve Type

QtySizePressureBody Material
Gate Valve1 EA8″150#A216 GR.WCB
Gate Valve3 EA6″150#A216 GR.WCB
Gate Valve1 EA6″600#A216 GR.WCB
Gate Valve1 EA4″150#A216 GR.WCB
Gate Valve1 EA3″150#A216 GR.WCB
Gate Valve1 EA4″300# 

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