Electro Pneumatic Positioner


Supplier YTC Positioner YT 1050

YT-1050 Positioner

Electro Pneumatic Positioner

YT-1050, the Electro Pneumatic positioner is used for operation of pneumatic valve actuators by means of electrical controller or control system with an analog output signal of DC 4 to 20mA or split ranges.

YTC Features :
  • Auto/Manual switch
  • Signal of DC 4 to 20mA
  • Setting by simple adjustment
  • Control system with an analog
  • No resonance between 5-200Hz
  • Simple zero and span adjustment
  • RA v.s. DA action and 1/2 split range
Other YTC Series :
Input Signal4-20 mA DC
Supply Pressure0,14 - 0,7 mA DC
Communication OptionsHart
Weight5,71 kg (12,6 lb)
Explosion Protection TypeATEX, KCs