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KF One-Piece Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve

KF Ball Valve 2″ – 12″ Class 600, 900, 1500 & 2500

This top entry valve with a one-piece trunnion supported ball conforms to API specifications 6A, 6D and ANSI B16.34.

KF Features
  • Inconel® wave springs provide upstream and downstream sealing
  • Self relieving seat
  • Anti-blowout one-piece ball/stem design
  • Corrosion resistant low friction bearings
KF Series
  • KF Ball Valve Series T
  • KF Ball Valve Series TE
  • KF Ball Valve Series TW
  • KF Ball Valve Series TWE
Bolting Material316SS / 660SS
SpecificationsNACE Cl. III Bolting
ActuationGear Operator w/Locking Device
Backup Ring MaterialLow Temp Buna N
Seat InsertDevlon® V
35415PN 40DN 251.0619+NflangeStraight through-60°C – 450°CDownload
35415PN 40DN 321.0619+NflangeStraight through-60°C – 450°Cbutton
35415PN 40DN 401.0619+NflangeStraight through-60°C – 450°Cbutton
35415PN 40DN 501.0619+NflangeStraight through-60°C – 450°Cbutton