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API 608

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Rame API 608 Ball Valve

API 608 Floating Ball Valve

API 608 is a standard which exceeds the requirements set by ASME B16.34, thereby offering a superior level of performance for the rigorous requirements of the petrochemical, power, oil and gas and water treatment markets.

The API 608 range incorporates a number of useful features including increased thickness and oversized driving train. These characteristics, together with construction from high performance materials, make these valves ideal for severe and demanding environments and particularly reliable in actuation applications.

This standard establishes requirements for bore sizes described as:

  • Full bore
  • Single reduced bore
  • Double reduced bore

API 608 ”specification for flanged, threaded and welded metal ball valves” provide detailed requirements for ball valves in terms of structural design, performance requirements, test methods and other aspects. API 608 a complete specification of ball valves in the petrochemical field, and each has its own characteristics according to different working conditions and requirements. API 608 adds the requirements like design, operation and performance based on ASME B16.34 “flanged, threaded and welded valves for general industrial use”.

Application and Structure

API 608 ball valve is used for the petrochemical industry pipeline media opening or cutting off, which is under the environment such as high temperature and high pressure, inflammable and explosive, corrosive and continuous operation, where require more requirements on valve sealing, material, corrosion. API 608 ball valve has a fixed ball structure and floating ball structure and mainly floating ball structure.

Inspection and Testing

API 608 provides for the inspection, inspection and pressure testing of ball valves in accordance with API 598” inspection and testing of valves”. As a supplement to ASME B16.34, API 608 ball valves shall also fully meet ASME B16.34” inspection and test requirements”. ASME B16.34 and API 598 are basic specifications for general purpose valve.

Installation and Maintenance

API 608 ball valves can be installed in the factory, easy to store and transport. API 608 ball valve to ensure long-term safe and reliable operation of the long-distance pipeline. API 608 ball valves are used in petroleum, petrochemical and industrial applications, mainly for ASME B31.3 process pipeline, diameter range NPS (1/4 ~ 24), small diameter, pressure class 150, 300, 600, 800 pounds, generally floating ball structure, sealed at the outlet.

Flanged EndsDN 15 through DN 600 (NPS 1/2″ through NPS 24″)
Butt Welding EndsDN 15 through DN 600 (NPS 1/2″ through NPS 24″)
Socket Welding EndsDN 8 through DN 50 (NPS1/4″ through NPS 2″)
Threaded EndsDN 8 through DN 50 (NPS1/4″ through NPS 2″)
Flanged EndsClasses 150, 300, and 600
Butt Welding EndsClasses 150, 300, and 600
Socket Welding EndsClasses 150, 300, 600, and 800
Threaded EndsClasses 150, 300, 600, and 800
Diameter Range1⁄4" - 24"
Valve DesignAPI 608
Pressure ClassClass 150, 300, 600, 800
MaterialNickel Alloy, Low Alloy CS, Titanium and Various Stainless Steels
Temperature Range-196°C to 420°C
ModelsA352 LCB/A351 CF8M
Seats MaterialsRPTFE (Standard), Optional materials: PEEK, PCTFE, VESPEL®, metal to metal (TCC or CCC)
Seals MaterialsFKM (Standard), Optional materials: HNBR, EPDM, FFKM, (P)VMQ, graphite