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November 8, 2021

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PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk Order to Rame Valve at 08 November 2021 and Rame as a valve supplier.


PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk was founded in 2000 in Jakarta, Indonesia as a company engaged in the import, distribution and service of valves, fittings, instrumentation and control products. PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk is the first and only valve company to become Go Public in Indonesia.

Product That We Provides

  • Bonney Forge

Bonney Forge is an integrated supplier with in-house forging, machining and assembly-test inspection operations. The forge shop contains a full line of forging equipment including billet saws and shears, billet heating furnaces and induction heaters, forge presses and hammers, trim presses and batch heat treatment equipment. All necessary support equipment including a forge die shop capable of in-house manufacture is located at this facility.

Valve TypePressure RatingSizeBodyDiscSeatEndsOperationQty
Globe ValveANSI 15001 InchA105N

A479 410+St.6

A479 410+St.6

SW 9
Globe ValveANSI 15001 1/2 InchA105

A479 410/STL.6

Globe ValveANSI 15002 InchA105

A479 316/316L + St.6

A479 316/316L + St.6

Globe ValveANSI 15001 Inch

A182 F316/F316L

A479 316/316L

A479 316/316L+St.6

  • Yuming

Since creation in 1972, Yu Ming Valve Group keeps a fast pace in development. As the member of the first revision of the standard unit of valve industry, Yu Ming company has accumulated the production and marking experiences for long years, which has a stronger brand with 5 branches and more than 100 strategic partners. Yu Ming takes valves as main industry of the group business. The company culture is to focus the all company’s mind on researching, designing,producing and selling, providing the highest quality products with the dedicated professional service.

Valve TypePressure RatingSizeBodyDiscSeatEndsOperationQty
Butterfly ValveANSI 1506 InchDuctile Iron



Butterfly ValveANSI 1503 InchDuctile Iron


EPDM Lever4
Globe ValveANSI 15001/2 InchA105



Globe ValveANSI 15003/4 Inch




  • Walworth

Walworth is the most experienced valve company in all the country. We have great variety of certified and high-quality products that will cover the specific needs of every business. Walworth® is a certified company that has established and maintained a Quality Administration System based in the ISO 9001:2015 requirements and API Q1 9th edition.

Valve TypePressure RatingSizeBodyDiscSeatEndsQty
Swing Check ValveClass 3003 InchA216 WCB13%CrHFRF3

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