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April 28, 2021


PT. Mitra Galperti Purchase Order to Rame Valve at 28 April 2021 with Project PO No. 0009040 & Inquiry Ref. BN0000202.


PT. Mitra Galperti was established in Jakarta -April 1995 under its former name PT.Mitra Project Fitting & Pipe Utama and started as a sales office of the Project Fitting &Pipe (PFP) Group located in Perth Australia. The PFP Group companies have sales offices throughout ASEAN countries, with major offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. PFP Group which is half owned by OFFICINE NICOLA GALPERTI & FIGLIO SpA a large, recognized and forward looking flange and valve manufacture from Italy, gained a leading position in the area market,  OFFICINE NICOLA GALPERTI & FIGLIO SpA were the main principal of their business.

Product That We Provides

  • Perar

The development of the company started as leading supplier in the Gas Industry for the domestic market. In the following years, PERAR S.p.A. experienced a continuous and steady growth world-wide sales, production capacity, efficiency and technological development.

Valve TypeSizeClassBodyStemQty
Trunnion Ball Valve 3PC Body4 Inch600#A105A182 F51 STEM3 EA
Trunnion Ball Valve 3PC Body2 Inch600#A105A182 F51 STEM2 EA
  • Kitz

Kitz is one of the world’s leading manufactures of Valves and Japan’s larges Major products include carbon steel, stainless steel, gray iron and ductile iron, bronze and brass valves, and actuators that Estabilished in 1951. To maintain product quality and delivery, KITZ continues to upgrade its production systems including the use of in-house foundries. Our quality assurance system ensures that, at all operating stages, the materials, products, and services meet customer requirements.

Valve TypeSizeClassBodySeatQty
Ball Valve 2PC Body3/4 Inch600#A216 WCBHypatite PTFE4 EA
  • Walworth

Walworth is the most experienced valve company in all the country. We have great variety of certified and high-quality products that will cover the specific needs of every business. Walworth® is a certified company that has established and maintained a Quality Administration System based in the ISO 9001:2015 requirements and API Q1 9th edition.

Valve TypeSizeClassBodyDiscSeatQty
Globe Valve4 Inch600#A216 WCB13%CR DiscHF Seat2 EA

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